Thursday, April 14, 2011

Feeling Weird and Sheets

What is happening...
I had a weird day yesterday. I went to the YMCA and walked and felt fine. Got home got the kids off to school then took myself and my niece that I babysit to Joann's. I want to make me some carpi's for summer, felt fine then also. Got home and rested a bit then got her off to Kindergarten. When I got home I felt sick. Just kind of weird. I had to take a nap and slept for two hours. Still felt weird when I got up. I did not sleep well last night. But I feel fine today. Maybe the moon was out of alignment yesterday, LOL!
What I am working on...
I got my block finished for Block Swap Adventure. This one is headed off to Caroline in the UK. How cool is that. I have never sent mail there.

 I got my fabric cut out for my Quilted Fabric Basket Swap. I love the browns and pinks.

Sewing thought...
I posted about sheets for backing. I don't know if they are vintage. I am not looking for that. I just think it is a wonderful way to recycle fabric. Plus who can beat $3.00 for a twin size sheet. I have them all washed and ready to be used. I love them. I got five for just over $20.00. I will post the picture of the fifth one after I recharge the batteries for my camera.
This one I will use on the back of my red, orange, and yellow quilt I am making for my bed. Of course the colors are not showing up right in this picture.

I love the gray butterflies in this one. So sweet.

Aren't those roses so pretty. I like all the colors in this one.

This one will go on the back of my quilt I did for the Happy Quilting Quilt Along.

Goals for the Day...
I feel good enough to have a bunch on my list.

#1 Sewing
I want to finish my Quilted Fabric Basket  for the swap. I would like to have this done early. If I have time I would like to cut out the fabric for this months Le Petite project.

#2 Housework
Guess what it is Laundry again. But not much today. I would like to clean my bathroom and vacuum. We will see how far I get.

I hope that everybody has a good day. Make sure that you hug someone today. Even if it is yourself. Make someone glad that they are loved by you. TTFN


  1. Love your BSA block.
    I have used sheets for backing several times and they are nice. Make sure they are good quality though or they will ball up and not be very cozy.
    Can't wait to see how your basket turns out.

  2. Those are some cool sheets you found!

  3. You picked up some great sheets - the butterflies would be my favorite. Love the fabrics for the bag swap. Isn't is a kick to know you are 'intenational' by having your quilting pieces going out around the world?

  4. Your block is beautiful. Isn't fun to send blocks all over the world? I used to have the sheets that matched the third one from the top - lol! I hope you were able to get your basket made.

  5. What fabrics are you using in your Le Petite? I'm planning on cutting mine tomorrow. My list looks much like yours :-) Glad you are feeling better.

  6. Hey Shannon,
    Your block for BSA looks wonderful. I haven't had a swap partner outside the US yet, but one of the best parts of blogging is meeting people from all over the world. It's awesome!

    I also like how you've organized your blog posts recently and enjoy following along!!