Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cutting Mat Bag and a Confession

What is happening...
I have no energy. None!! I think it is my illness and the weather. I am very affected by the weather. I hurt more when it is going to rain. Your Grandfather was right when he said he could feel a storm coming. I know I can. All spring we will have a nice day then a rainy day. Then the next it will be cloudy but not rainy. It has just zapped me. I am tired of it. Starting two days ago I have been talking myself into a better frame of mind. I WILL FEEL BETTER!!

What I accomplished...
I wanted to get my large cutting mat off my kitchen table. I do not have a room of my own. I made a bag large enough to hang my mat and rulers in. I love it.
I can even hang my cutter from it.

I finished my blocks for Just One Star for Moda. The background is so light but it is a beige color. I hope that it works for them. I will mail them off today. I know I shouldn't be excited about getting the little fabric pack but I am! SHHHH!

Sewing thought...

I have posted this tip on a few other blogs that I am a part of. It is something my Post Master told me. If you send anything in the mail using one of these envelopes they would like you to pull off the tab or cover it in tape. It messes up their automated sorting equipment. Interesting!

Goals for the Day... Sewing
Today I would like to get my top done for my Le Petite. I have most of the quarter-triangle squares done and squared up. Just a few more steps then I can post it.

I also need to finish two tops for Quilts for Kids. I have a confession to make. I have been very bad. I ordered a kit from them way back in September. I am just now getting around to finishing them. I am so sorry to the universe for not keeping my promise. I am going to beg for forgiveness. Then I am just going to send them quilts that I make with my own fabric for a while. I need to make up for my mistake. :(


  1. Love your cutting mat bag. That's a great idea! And the pockets are perfect...
    I'm sure Quilts for Kids will understand that sometimes life gets in the way of quilting. I'm sure they will be grateful for the quilts whenever they come. So don't beat yourself up over it. I forgive you!!
    Have a great day sewing!

  2. Very good idea to make a mat bag!

  3. Love the storage bag for all your quilting tools. Clever! Quilts for Kids is still passing out kits and probably will be for a long time, so don't get unnerved. Finish when you can.

  4. Great storage bag and so much prettier to look at than the plain old cutting boards. Your star blocks look great. And I bet Quilts for Kids will take your quilt whenever you get it finished.

  5. I JUST was packaging my LBT block and remembered you had posted the envelope tip - I covered mine in tape! Also, JUST packaged my Just One Star about procrastination this month, eh?

  6. I love the bag! What a great idea! I don't have a room just for quilting either. I'm really spread out. Cut in the kitchen on the counter, one sewing machine on the dining room table, the other on a frame in a bedroom, my stash in a different room. I really need to stop this list before I am forced to count how many rooms I have quilt stuff in! LOL!! Great post office tip. I never knew that. The little ore it's are cute.....shhh!

  7. The last line was supposed to say....the little precuts are cute.....shhh! I have no idea what happened there! Sorry!