Wednesday, July 11, 2018

OFBD Quilt Show 2018

We just recently had our annual quilt show. This is our 5th year and it is nice to be able to do this for the community. I enjoy the process and all of the wonderful quilts. Here are a few pictures of how we set things up. We were able to borrow some PVC quilting stands and they worked perfectly. 

Daughter and son-in-law resting for a bit. 

Command center after everything is set up.

You can see in the above picture and this picture, the raffle quilt our group made for the show. It was a simple Red, White, and Blue quilt I found on Pinterest. So many people loved the quilt. Patriotic is always a big hit. 

We had a smaller turn out this year but it is ok. We have a small community and 32 quilts sure are a lot. We had a few businesses come up to do some judging and they did a wonderful job. We had four categories and here are the winners:
Viewer’s Choice-78 Votes-20-Kimberly-Sweetie Pie

Wells Fargo-Overall Design-27-Brenda-Primary Quilt

US Bank-Best in Quilting-13-Shannon-Almost Farm Girl

US Bank-(M&W)-Best Use of Color-7-Inella-China Blue

Here are the rest of the quilts: 


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Hands2Help 2018

This year for the Hands2Help Challenge, I decided to make four baby quilts. I actually made one and took three other tops that I have made previously, quilted and bond them. They were just sitting in a box not giving anyone any joy. It was time for them to come out and make some little child happier. 

The first top, Full House, I made it as part of Another Year of Schnibbles for January 2012. Wow, that is so sad, it has been in a box for over six years!!


Another quilt top from Another Year of Schnibbles, Hat Trick. I love this one, nothing like a rainbow!!


And one more from Another Year of Schnibbles, Domino. It makes me happy to free these beauties from the box and have them go make someone smile!!


The next one, I made specifically for H2H. I won this little bundle at my Quilt Group. I knew it was perfect for a little girl.


I added this label to each of the quilts. I am trying hard to remember to add labels.


Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap

Over the years of my journey on quilting, I have joined many groups. Some I have stayed with for a while and some I quit right away.

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 I have been with this group for seven years!!! I went back today and figured out how long I have been a member. I joined in February of 2011. Can you believe that? I can't!! I was just made co-moderator of the group by the leader. Yippee!! I can't tell you how huge that is for me. I am excited. 

I have been away from my blog for a long time. I started college classes in the fall of 2014. My attendance to my blog has dropped every year since. I know that I have missed a lot of blogging opportunities. I have had many changes over this time and will continue to have changes, such is life. I am not in classes this semester and I will be taking only 8 credits in the spring, and then 8 more next fall. THEN GRADUATION!! I am so excited to have this time of my life almost to the conclusion. It has been at times fun and exhausting. But, I am ready to move on. Time to turn that page. I have lots to share and lots to catch back up on. Three and a half years of off again on again quilting. I will be working a little backwards and forwards, but I want everything covered. 


Monday, November 27, 2017

On Ringo Lake Mystery

Boy have I been busy. I have been working on completing my Associates Degree through BYU-I in Family History Research. I am so close to being done. I have three more weeks of this semester, then I will only have 16 more credits that I will break up into two semesters. I am excited to be done. This has been great, taking college classes, but this boat has sailed. It is time to be done. HA HA!! 

I have been doing a little sewing when I get the chance. I had finished Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt earlier this year, En Provence. What a great learning experience. That is my sweet little doggie, Chomper!

Then as time got closer I decided I wanted to do her new mystery, On Ringo Lake. 
 You can follow the link back to her blog and to the instructions for the mystery. Be quick though, after the mystery is over, the instructions will be removed and you will have to buy the pattern if you want to make the quilt. 

I wish I had a bigger stash, but alas I had to go shopping!! HA HA! I went and picked out colors that matched to her suggestion and waited for a month for the first clue. 

Her first clue hit the net the morning after Thanksgiving. She will be adding one clue most Friday's until it is over. I jumped right to sewing as soon as I was up that morning, before I did my homework! Now my step one is done and I am just waiting for step two in a few days. 

Now hope back over to her blog from here and see all of the yummy 9-patch goodness from all the crazy wonderful people out there sewing along with Bonnie Hunter!!


Saturday, May 27, 2017

Hands 2 Help 2017 Challenge Completed

It is that time. Time to link up all of the H2H Challenge Quilt finishes. I just finished the binding on my three quilts today. I have had a lot of fun watching these quilts come together. (I have posted about these quilts in previous posts.) I used the same fabric for all three quilts. I quilted them on my regular sewing machine and machine sewed on the binding. I have learned, that for quilts I know (or hope) will be used a lot, that machine and not hand binding, will last longer. I sure hope that each of these will make someone happy. I have chosen to send all three to Emily at Em's Scrap Bag for Happy Chemo. I have had a lot of family members with cancer. I hope that as the people that receive these quilts fighting cancer, will be able to look at the happy bright colors and gain some strength. Linking up with Sarah over at Confession of a Fabric Addict. Go check it out and have a good time looking at all the quilts. 


Monday, May 15, 2017

Old Fort Boise Days Raffle Quilt

In my home town, every year, we have a small community festival, Old Fort Boise Days. And every year for the pasted few years, my quilting group has put on a quilt show. We have always offered a quilt raffle. This year, I wanted to do something fun with some leftover blocks that we had. Missouri Star Quilt Company had a tutorial for a Disappearing Hourglass. Our blocks had been hourglass blocks, so this was perfect. I chopped them all up and sewed them all back together. Here is my first block. I looks harder to put together than it really is. 

As I was putting the rows together, I realized I had the center square a quarter turn to far to the right. I had to pick out 16 center squares and put them all back in. That was a heck of a job!

This is how it turned out. I love it!! I think it is wonderful. I will even be buying tickets, HA HA!!

I can't wait to see who wins this fabulous quilt.