Friday, April 22, 2011

Blocks, Bag, and H2H

What is happening...
It has been a busy week. I was planning on posting earlier but you know life gets in the way sometimes. LOL!! I forgot to post pictures about my March Block Swap Adventure blocks that Munaiba sent to me. 

This is the block for April from Caroline in the UK. How cool is that. I am guessing that she made the card.

Sewing thought...
How many times have you sewn something together that you did not want together? For me it is a lot more when I am tired. LOL!! As I was working on the pocket for the Basket I sewed the lining into the stitching. YUCK!! Well it turned out ok because I moved the pocket down a little more so it would not get caught in the top.

Here are some pictures of it finished. I love the way it turned out.

I joined up with Hands 2 Help over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. These are the fabrics that were sent to me from Karen from Ohio. I love them.

I added the circles at the top for a border. I have the pattern all figured out. I have all of it cut out.
Now I just need to sew it.

Goals for the Day...
None! It is 10:15 at night! LOL!!


  1. Love the blocks, the bag & your fabric for H2H. What fun colors.

  2. Very pretty basket. I love the circle fabric you are adding to the H2H fabric. I can't wait to see the finished quilt.

  3. I just love that cat fabric! How cut is that? Enjoy your Easter.

  4. What cute H2H fabrics. The border print you chose could not be better! Pretty basket.

  5. Cute basket, first of all. Looks like you've got a really cute quilt in the works there. I like the circles fabric, it goes really well with the others.

  6. You've been busy!! I love your H2H fabrics, too!!

  7. I love the blocks and the basket! great colors :-) Unpleasant sewing things happen when I'm tired and try to finish something anyway.....some people can stay up late and get things done, but not me! I end up undoing all of it!

  8. Cool blocks! I hate it when I catch something in the machine that shouldn't be there. It happens. Glad you made it work.