Friday, April 8, 2011

Blog in Transition

What is Happening...Life in General
I have been feeling a little guilty about not blogging more. I have enjoyed blogging but felt like I was doing it without a direction. After my last post about Linda over at Stray Stitches I have been thinking...I like her blog. I like how she has a lay out that is similar every day. She gets on, says what she wants, and makes a plan. That is what I want. I have been thinking and planning. I may not blog every day but if I have a purpose in my blogging then I will enjoy it more. I have just a few things I want to hit on when I post.
I think this will work for me.
Sewing Thought...Anything Sewing Related
I think this spot will be mostly about what I am working on or what I got finished the day before. I did not work on anything yesterday so I will show you something else. These pictures are from my quilt group. We are doing a border quilt swap. These pictures are of the progress of my block.

There is a Shop Hop in my area running from the 7th to the 16th. My daughter and I have participated the last three years. This year I have invited the women from my quilt group, Parma Quilters Anonymous, to go with us. So far I have one lady that will be going and she is a hoot. I can't wait. I have started a list of things that I need to purchase so I can spread the love over a few stores. There are 16 shops but we will only hit the local ones tomorrow. Maybe we can go to the far away ones next Saturday. As a side note, Parma Quilters Anonymous, or PQA as we call it, is a quilting group that I started back in October I think. It is small only 9 of us. But we have big fun. Go check out what we have been working on.

Goals for the Day...#1 Sewing and #2 Housework
One of the things I love about Linda's blog is her goal section. So I need one. I do not have a job that I go to everyday but I do run my home but with my illness it is very hard sometimes. I have Still's Disease, a rare form of RA. You can read about the early stages of my story here. After reading through it I need to update it. I wrote that over 11 years ago. So anyway, I thought this would be a good way to give myself a place to list some goals. The first one will be a sewing goal, listing what I would like to do today. Second will be a housework goal. Something I need to clean or take care of. You know the stuff that does not get when I am sewing, LOL!! Just hang with me as I work through this. I am very excited about this.

#1 Sewing Goal
Work on my Block Swap Adventure block.
I just got my partner for the Quilted Fabric Basket Swap.
So I would like to get started on that. Start making some plans.

#2 Housework Goal
Get the laundry washed, dried, folded, and put away. I have a problem with the "putting away" part.
It likes to just sit in the laundry basket in my room. LOL!


  1. My have you grown as a blogger, but as a quilter! Good for you, I love you sharing what you are doing and I think this new 'look' is going to work great for you. I was not aware you started a little sewing group - wow, look at you. Enjoy your shop-hop, they are fun - share with us, too.

  2. I'm thrilled that you will be starting a new format for your blog. I think it will work well. I didn't know about your illness and read your history. I fully understand about going through endless tests and finally hearing "I know what's wrong with you" even if it's not a good report - been there too. I also know the feeling of having "lost the you" - me too. Anyway, I like where you are taking your blog. Perhaps I should include housework in mine too. Nah, then I'd have to do it because my DH reads my blog - lol! Keep up the great work!! Enjoy the shop hop this weekend.

  3. Your top is beautiful and there's nothing wrong with direction. I just write what and when I want...but it's also nice to have a set plan...I just have issues keeping to it...because life sometimes dictates that I'm not around to do what I want too. =)

    Can't wait to follow up. =)

  4. Your idea sounds great. I've considered something similar for my blog too. I'm a list person - I write endless to-do lists - and I like to keep organized that way. I've wondered how I might make my blogging more organized and regular. Thanks for the tips and inspiration. You are great!

  5. very nice!
    I like the new format.

  6. Shannon, you are just cool. I read your RA story and would like to read the update if you ever do one. I look forward to reading your new direction in posting. :)