Monday, April 11, 2011

Long Weekend!

What is happening...
It started raining again today. We had a beautiful weekend. The sun was shining and it was warmer. I spent all day Saturday on my Shop Hop with my oldest daughter and a friend from Church. We had a fabulous time. I am sure that if any of you have ever had a day that you could do what you wanted, spend what you wanted, bought what you wanted, and had no time line you would understand. We were gone for 9 hours. I bought all kinds of fun stuff. I am refreshed in mind and spirit. Not body, no not that, I am hurting. But I have great things to keep me company while I get back up on my feet.

This pattern came with ten fat quarters. I LOVE 30's fabric.

I love Seasonal or Monthly wall hangings. When I saw this I new I needed it. LOL!! NEEDED!
I am going to buy the book. Sorry for the big space for the picture. I have linked it to These use the same background I will be making for the pattern I bought.
 Quilter's Dozen Plus
My daughter asked me to buy this one. She loved the way the quilt extended beyond the center. There really is no true frame. We both love it.

We both picked one of these patterns out. It looks so challenging. Hers has a deer and trees in it.

I love miniatures! I love quilting! You mix the two and I am set!!

The only pre-cut I bought. I have no plans for this but I just loved the colors.

I know there has been a lot of chatting about this pen, but I still want to try it. They only had red or orange so I got the orange one. Look at me being a rebel!

This is for my fabric basket swap partner. I hope she likes it. I love the colors.

The block I have for my PQA swap has a horse/western theme. I love these straw bales. Just right.

This is the fabric I am using for this months Le Petite projects. I wanted to go super simple! The black and yellow are 30's fabrics. Then I just picked out a sweet white on white.


What I am working on...
I did not get any sewing done on Friday like I wanted. I went to get something out of my sewing drawers and could not find it. So for me the next step was a gutting out of everything and re-organizing. LOL!! QADD! Oh well, I feel much better about my storage space and now can see what I have.
I plan on sewing tomorrow. I can't wait.

Sewing thought...
I know I have stated it before that fabric is like a drug for me. I know that it is for a lot of people. But have you ever thought of why? For me I guess it is two things.
1. the promise of things to come-mostly hours doing what I love, sewing. There is something about the rhythm of the machine. The complete destruction of fabric and reconstruction into something that
people will cuddle with.
2. the knowledge that at first it is all for me and no one else. I buy it because I like the colors or feel of the fabric. I am the one that gets to play with it. My husband won't borrow it, nor will any one else. (Well maybe my oldest daughter, but she is building her own stash now) Then I can give it away for some one to love as much as I do. I love that, sharing a part of myself with those I love or have never met.

Goals for the Day...
No goals other than getting to bed on time. Tomorrow is "going to the Y' day. My daughters and I get up at 4:50am to drive to the YMCA to walk in the morning before school. It is a heck of a trip. 


  1. What a fun outing - and you got some really nice patterns, cute fabric bundle too. Now hay bales - never would have thought I would find that in a fabric print! You have some fun fabs and projects on the go.

  2. Boy-o-boy! You guys had a grand time didn't you! Looks like lots of fun in your future. I guess I'm a fortune teller today! :)