Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Long Miscellaneous Post

Do you remember how I was saying that my machine was acting funny and I could not figure it out. Well I do believe I found the problem. Look at these two pictures of the placement of my needle. See how close it it to the back of the foot. I have had this problem for a long time. It makes my thread break and sometimes my needle breaks because it gets stuck on the foot as I am sewing. Boy do things explode when that happens. 
 Well I got mad today because I broke three of the last four needles I had. I opened the side of the machine and moved things around and looked things over really good. I am not a sewing machine repair person but I can get mad enough to fix things myself once in a while. I found the screw that controls where the tip of the needle is in space and cranked the puppy down until I fixed it. Not knowing if I had just fixed it or totally messed it up I moved cautiously into sewing. She purrs like a kitten now. The needle is moved away from the back. I am so happy!! I hope you can see that the needle is now a safe distance from the back of the foot.

These next four pictures are half finished Schnibbles patterns I found. I have one top finished but I messed it up so I need to go in and fix it. But it is in the bottom of a tote and I did not feel like digging it out today. Maybe Monday.There are four more Schnibble projects I did not even start.

This is a picture of a group of blocks for my area Shop Hop 2013. I have seven blocks I think. It will be a fall quilt top when finished. I will need to find a few blocks to round out to 12 then get it all worked together. 

Clear back at the beginning of May Green Fairy Quilts had a giveaway. I WON!! I won a fat quarter bundle of Posh Pumpkins by Sandy Gervais for Moda! I love it. Fall, orange, Halloween, pumpkins!! I tell you it was a match made in the pumpkin patch!!

Last year over at Making Ends Meet April had a Quilt Along that I was invited to join, Hello Sun. I love it. I have had these blocks done for a while but never took pictures of them. So in no specific order the last four blocks.

When I was done with all the blocks I took the rest of the yellow strips I had and made them into cute 3 1/2 inch squares. The idea was to use them in making the Hello Sun quilt. But now that I am doing Hello Moon, also at Making Ends Meet, I think I am going to wait. I might want to put all 24 blocks into the same quilt.

Here are the first four blocks of Hello Moon in no particular order. I have not done any of the stitching yet. 
I had some gift money that I used to buy me some goodies. I can't wait to play with them.
happy-go-lucky by Bonnie and Camille for Moda
 and Mod-Century by Jenn Sky for Moda. 

One last thing. I have been working on this little beauty for about a month now. I got the pattern from a friend and promptly went and bought fabric for it. Now that I have my sewing room I can see the kitchen table. Here are a few pictures of it's progress. I have the binding sewn on and I hope to finish it tonight or in the morning. I did not put any batting in it because I want it to be as flat as it can be.

 Sorry for the long post. Have a wonderful Sunday!!


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  1. Good for you - and she's off and running now!! So many pretties and congrat on your win - look at that pretty fabric.