Saturday, June 6, 2015

Almost Finished H2H Quilts

Well I did not make the deadline but I wanted to post the almost finished quilts. All I have to do to finish is sew down the binding. I will get them done as soon as I post this and link up to Sarah's blog Confessions of a Fabric Addict. Jump over and check out the cool H2H quilts everybody made.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

AWOL But Busy

Hello! Long time no see. I have been very busy until recently. My husband and his brother's business just had two big orders to fill and I had been working almost everyday. Sadly things have been quiet this last week. But here are two pictures to show you what we accomplished. Seven of them. Plus one on the floor in the shop that we shipped out the next day.

I have been taking some time to get caught up on a few things around the house. Plus I have been quilting. Strange I know. Sometimes I won't get into my sewing room for days and then this last week there have only been a few days that I have not sewn something. I have a few deadlines I am working toward.

The first is the Hands2Help Challenge. Up until last week I had not made one stitch. I had the fabric and a plan, just no time to work on them. Now I am down to just needing to quilt and bind them. I saw the pattern on Quilt Kisses and love it. Each of the blocks is one blue, orange, and red piece. They end up being 12.5 inches square unfinished. Mine are fine but hers looked great. I think the orange and the red are too saturated and stand out too much but some little kid or young adult will love them, so I did not change them.

Next up is my quilt for our local summer festivities. We live close to the Snake River and back in the old days there used to be a fort here for the travelers passing through. Aptly named Fort Boise. We have a replica in a park here in town. Every summer we celebrate Old Fort Boise Days. My sewing group is holding another Quilt Show. We will be raffling off a quilt. I just finished the top. I will be working on the back today. After I am done I will take it to one of our members to quilt it on their long arm machine. Red Barn Quilts by Flynn and Co. is the name of her business.
The light strip is a fun find. I found it in the clearance section after I had picked out the gray, yellow, and teal. Here is a close up of it. It is perfect!
Now off to work on the back.