Monday, March 14, 2016

H2H Time Again!!

It is that wonderful time of the year. Time to give to others our love of quilt making. I am excited to be a part of this again. I have been a part of this wonderful event every year and this happened at the best time possible. Hands2Help, or H2H, is a Charity quilt Challenge, were a bunch of people make quilts for charities that have been picked for that year. This year there are three to choose from. You can make as many quilts as you want and donate to any combination of charities. 

I have a few quilts fro last year that I was making and then decided to go with a different idea. So this year I got them out of the UFO pile and have made good headway on them. The are not large quilts, but I am hoping they will make someone happy. 

I will be donating these three quilts. The top and bottom quilt tops are done, the center quilt is almost halfway done. I love all of the fun colors and patterns. If I find the time, I might even be able to make another one. 

So hop on over to Sarah's blog, Confessions of a Fabric Addict, and see if you can help out. 


A Long Time Gone

Hello everybody!! To those of you who have stuck around, thank you so much!! To those of you who lest, I don't blame you. My live has been a little crazy for quite a long time now. August of 2014 I went back to school. I enrolled in the Pathway Program. It is a faith bases education, a chance to go college and get a degree. I did not have this opportunity when I was younger, so when this came up and jumped on the chance. Now I have matriculated to become an online student at BYU-Idaho. At this point I have 5 semesters under my belt. I love it. The homework takes up a lot of my time, but I enjoy the studying and using my brain. Somethings have changed in my life recently that have me doing a lot of introspection. I feel a little lost and I have figured out why. Other than doing school work, I have been babysitting my niece and now my two sweet Granddaughters. That takes up a lot of my time. So right now my life revolves around my church calling, my babysitting, and school work. Hello!! Where is my sewing, where is my "ME" time, where is my blog!! So I vow right here and now to put back the joy into my life. The joy that is my blog and my quilting. I need this time to make me feel better. I still run my quilt group, PQA, but even that seems more like a heartbreak and a chore. It is because I have lost the joy in it. So for 2016 my word is: