Monday, September 30, 2013

Maniac Monday

 I had a very good week. Got some sewing done. I went to my sister-in-laws house on Tuesday and spent sometime with her sewing. My DD#1 came home for the weekend from college and we spent most of Friday sewing. Saturday DD#1 and DD#2 and I went to a quilt show and had a good time there. 

I have finished with the Red, White, and Black Strip Quilt. It is all bound and washed. I love the way it turned out. My daughter has decided she does not want it until she graduates from High School in May. So it is in a Curio Cabinet that I got from my husbands family. 
 Here is the back. Yes I will get a label on it when I give it to her. HA HA

I am working on a few UFO's. There are three matching tiny baby quilts that I am making for my Granddaughter. This is the smallest one. I am playing around with some free motion quilting. 
The colors are all weird in this one but the quilting is finished. Now I just need to do the binding and quilt the other two. Do you think and dark purple would look ok as a binding? 

Here is my Schnibble for September. I did it in fall colors with a fun fall background. I am going to  finish this one and put it on my kitchen table. 

I hope you all have been productive in at least a small area of your lives. 


Monday, September 23, 2013

Maniac Monday

It is a good Monday. Many thins are getting back to "normal". I think I am am almost back into a routine. It is so funny to think I have had hard time. The only major thing that has changed is my daughters going back to school. DD#1 off to collage and D#2 to high school. It has just turned my world over. LOL!!

I signed up to do a swap over at Quilting Gallery. It was for a set of 4 coasters. They are so cute. 

Here are the 4 I sent off to my partner. I love them. I have not received mine yet but soon I hope. 
 The backs.

 She is starting up a new swap. You will make two fall Mug Rugs and then swap them with your partner. I have already signed up. Jump on over if you are interested.

My sister-in-law had a baby over the summer and I have not had time to make her a gift. So last week I cut some time to do that. I made here a nursing cover. I used this pattern. Very simple to make.

Then I made her six sets of matching receiving blankets and burp cloths. I just serged around the edges. 

My cousin called a couple of weeks ago and told me her daughter had a 4H auction coming up very soon and her daughter had not done anything to help raise money. My cousin asked if I had any quilts I could donate for her. I went searching for a quilt I could part with and came across this one that was just a top and back. I quickly put it together did some diagonal straight line quilting. Wrapped the binding around from the back and TADA I had a quilt. I has so shocked to find out that the quilt went for $175.00. WOW!! I am glad it helped them out but also that someone bought something I made with scraps for that much money. HAPPY DAY!! So now to be help the daughter of the cousin know you don't get anything for free I am having her go help pull weeds at the house of my sister-in-law for the above items. It all comes around don't you think.
The Back. 

I hope you all have a good day. 


Friday, September 6, 2013

Mug Rug Revival Round 2 Swap

A while back I signed up to be in a swap: Mug Rug Revival Round 2 on Flickr. Jan is the leader and she is getting ready for Round 3 when this round is done. I got a late start making mine but I got it done today. I will get it mailed off on Monday. I have had a fun time designing this Mug Rug. She asked for something not square or rectangle. And to have fun with the colors, she likes brights. So this is what I came up with. I found a pattern and modified it to my needs. Here are the pieces and the fabric I picked. Some of the colors were not used. 

Here is the center.

Here are the outside pieces done and getting trimmed up.

Here are the big rings done. I decided not to use them. The rug would be way to big. It would be more like a wall hanging or table topper. They are so cute. I am going to make a second center and use these piece to add to mine.

The paper has been ripped off and the edges sewn on. That was my first curves! They were fun!!

It is now completed. I LOVE IT! It is very hard for me to send it off. I did small stipple in the pink. A star in the center and straight diagonal lines in the border. It took a bit of stretching to get the outside edge to lay flat. It looked like a shallow bowl. HA HA!

Here is a close up of the quilting. 

Here is the back. I used fun stick pin fabric on the back. An appliqued VW Bug on the label. SO CUTE!!

Close up of the label. 

Here is what I am sending to her. A bag of crushed walnut shells. Sewing machine needles. Two fat quarters of vintage sheets. A pen with two matching note pads. I sure hope she likes it!


Monday, September 2, 2013

Maniac Monday

Well hello! Long time no see, again. I have not been doing much sewing because working on my projects have taken up all of my free time. I had a blast making all of those hexies!! Here is a picture of the little flowers before I put them on the big black hexie. What a cute stack of flowers.

So with the rest of my time I have been hanging out with my husband out on the farm baling until 5:00am. Here is the huge machine he drives once in a while. He is the mechanic but once in a while he gets to play with the equipment he fixes. What you see here is the huge tractor, the Steamer, the baler, and then the accumulator. It is a long train but it gets the job done. And yes people stop on the side of the road to watch because here in Idaho there are only two Steamers

My girls and I had an opportunity to go to Education Week and DD#1 college at the first of the month. We spent four days together in Rexburg enjoying the classes and each other.

We also did a bunch of yard work. After living here so long I have it down to just general up keep but every once in a while a tree or two needs to come down and that is where the three of us step in. This tree was so dead that we were able to pull it over. Here the girls are sitting on said tree. You can see my two doggies in the background.

Here the tree is ready to be burned. There are the branches of the second tree, But it was not ready to give in so now we have a weird looking trunk on the edge of our property.

I did get some quilting done. I helped with this quilt that Chompie is sitting on. PQA (my quilting group) put together this quilt to help a local boy with cancer. After the top was together I quilted it. Sad to say that it only went for $50.00 at his silent auction. You can see DD#1 in the mirror.

 Here is DD#2 on her first day of her last year in high school. She will be graduating next year and then off to college with her sister next fall. I am one sad proud mama!!

I have started to can. I bought a pressure canner and bottle chicken, hamburger, and pickles. Unfortunately even with following Ball's pickle recipe they are WAY to salty. I will have to try again. 

Then here are the girls from yesterday. We had a family get together with my husbands family. Labor Day Hot Dog Roast. Such great fun to see all of the cousins playing. Boy how this family is growing. 

So see I have been busy. But now that the blog hop is over and things are slowing down I can get back to my life. DD#2 is in school. I do not have any little ones to watch. DD#1 is going back to school the weekend of  14th and 15th of this month. Wow, nice and quiet sewing days are in my future!!