Thursday, February 16, 2017

Getting Closer to Being Finished!!

I have done a lot of work on my daughters wedding quilt. I almost have it done. I need to make borders and then quilt it. This one will not wait until this summer to be quilted. I will want this one on its way to her and her new husband as soon as can be. I am excited to have this one finished. I love this pattern, and I will do one again, but for now I want it out of my hair. HA HA!! 

Here are the fabrics I started off with.

This is me using a nifty little tool that someone from another group sent to me. I did not think I would use it, but it has become invaluable to me during this process. I know I will use it again with other curved piecing. 

Some of the hundreds of tiny seams all being sewn together.

One set of arches sewn onto the melons.

I had to draw dots on all of the points to help in knowing were to stop sewing. I started doing them one at a time, it did not take me long to move to this kind of "dot making."

These are all of my pieces ready to be put into a quilt.

All nine rows sewn together, stacked and waiting to be made into a quilt. 

WOW!! The top is done. I have not, at this point, sewn the points of the arches together. Again, big husband in the back. 

This is where I am at now. I have all of the points sewn together. I will start working on the border next. She does not want the scallops. Darn her! HA HA!! I have an idea of how to do the border. Well I am off to figure it out. 


Monday, February 13, 2017

My En Provence!!

I am done with my top. I love this quilt. I loved following Bonnie Hunter as she put these clues out one at a time. I loved not knowing what it was going to look like. I loved working hard on repeating many of the same pieces over and over again with no picture in my head of were they were going. I loved the reveal. I love the conversations on her Facebook page. I loved how many people kept the quilt the same, like I did. I like the quilts that were changed. I loved everything about it. I can not wait to do this next year. It will be fantastic. I am linking up with the final link up party for this quilt. I have not quilted it yet, that will happen this summer, when I can get outside to spray baste it. I can't wait to have it on my bed!! Below are pictures of a few steps along the way. 

Fabric is selected with more added as needed.

Making hourglass blocks with hot chocolate.

A few pieces stacked up in little piles.

My first block finished.

All of my sashing pieces finished in a nice stack.

Pièce de résistance!!!
The final top. With of course, my little helper in the front, Chompie, and my big helper in the back, my husband. Love them both and this quilt. Thank you Bonnie Hunter for everything you do. You are a very special person and those that love you, know it!!


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Parma Quilters Anonymous 2017

 The quilt group I run is starting a new year of fun. We will be doing a repeat of something we did a few years back, Mercy Border Quilt. You start of with a block or a piece of fabric, your choosing of style and size. Add this to a box and any fabric you want in your quilt, and every month, this box moves to a new person. The person adds a border of any size and style, using your rules. Then it switches to a new person the next month. Finally at the end of the year you get your quilt back. You are totally at the Mercy of your partners all year long. 

That is how I got this quilt!

We are also doing another year of Copy Cat Block Swap.