Monday, April 11, 2016

A Sea of Flowers

Over the last eight months of being absent I have still been busy working on my hexies for The Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap. I make a pair of hexie flowers for my partner and I receive a pair of flowers every month. I have even started to sew the flowers together. I made a little collage showing some of my work. 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Cutting Trees

 I am still working on cutting time out of my week for sewing. After my finals this week I will be able to focus on babysitting and sewing. I am so excited!! But until then we were busy cutting trees. Three small trees, one medium trees, and two very large trees. Our property borders on one side with another property. This neighbor has two small children. They are getting ready to put up a fence on the border of our two places. We had three trees that sit on that border. After speaking to the neighbor, we came tot he conclusion that we need to cut our tress anyway, and we wanted to get it done before the fence was put up. That meant we had to do it soon. So over the weekend, we remove six trees, stacked wood, and cleaned all of the debris. It took nine people on Saturday to fall all six trees and to start cleaning the mess, and eight people today to finish cleaning to get it all done. It was so much work. I am glad it is done now. No more fear of trees falling on the house or the new fence. I am hoping ot be back this time next week having finally time to sit and my sewing machine. 

The very old Cherry Tree on the ground. One of the small trees already stacked.  

The "lumberjack" that cut down all the trees. He is my uncle. 

Most of the logs left after it is all cleaned up. There is a lot of main big trunk behind the piles. If you look over on the far left, there is a very large pile of the small limbs and sticks. The part you can see here is only about one third of the total piles.