Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Schnibbles

Hello everyone! I finally got my camera back.I am so happy. I will be buying her a camera for graduation. She will be so happy. So will I. 

I have my Schnibble pattern done...but it is all messed up. I did not like this pattern. I am not sure why. I guess because it was not a "normal" pattern. But I had fun making it. It went really fast. 

I did not put the blocks together the right way. I was busy talking and not looking at what I was doing. Have you ever done that. Instead of "T"s I have a cross section of a rail road track. I left it. I was not going back and fixing these. I had done way to many before I saw what I was doing. Also I decided to make table covers for the three tables I have in the living room. One large one and two smaller ones. I can't wait to finish them. 

Well here they are:

You will notice I have added my blog name to my pictures. With all of the copyright craziness I have decided to protect myself a bit. If you have any thoughts on this topic let me know. There are some really good blog posts out there. This is a hot topic right now.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Houston we have a problem...

Well it is spring break here in our little area. DD#1 has gone off on vacation with some friend and left me at home. As if that was not bad enough she took my camera!! I will be back next Monday with pictures and an update. For know I guess I am on vacation also just in my house. I did take DD#2 out to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and to watch The Hunger Games. We are making plans for tomorrow also. Not sure yet what we will be doing. Maybe going to the The Cheesecake Factory for some cheesecake. Then maybe to another movie. Now I like at least one picture per post here is an update pic of my baby...Chomper!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Worktable Wednesday

Hello everybody! I am back with another picture of my table. On it you will see my Schnibbles pattern and selected fabrics. I am using only fabric from my stash. This one will be a boy quilt. I have blacks, browns, blues, and greens. I will be using a white background. When ever I can I go to Joann's I buy 2 yards of Kona White or Kona Black so that I always some. Below the Schnibbles I have my 6 Designer Mystery BOM blocks. I am working on one and the other 5 are just waiting their turn.
After working all day, well after going and getting my taxes done, I have four blocks finished. I know, I am so excited!! I will get the other two done tomorrow then that will be one goal done for sure!!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Maniac Monday #6 2012

So this is how I did on my list from last week:

1. Finish step 1 and start on step 2 of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt.
Did not finish step 1 and did not start on step 2. I did work on step 1. It is just going to take me a long time to get past these two steps.
2. Finish March and April's Count on It calendar wall hangings.
I finished both. I think they are so cute!!

3. Get caught up on my Designer Mystery blocks. I think I am about 6 blocks behind. Well ok maybe my goal should be get 2 blocks done. LOL!
So funny!! I just tonight started on them.
4. Get started on my March Schnibble.
I have the fabric picked out.
So I might not have gotten done the things on my list but I did a bunch of other stuff.
I signed up for a couple of fun things I thought you might like to know about. Hop over to Hilachas to join a fabric swap. We will be swapping 10 inch square pieces of a solid (tone on tone) fabric and a novelty print. It will be so great!

Also Sarah over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict has started up Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge. Sign ups started yesterday. You have this week. Jump over there and see if you can help. There are two charities this year.

I received my block from Masha all the way over in Russia for Block Swap Adventure!! I have never received anything from there. I have real Russian fabric. So cool. I love the block.
 I have decided because I am blessed to be receiving stuff from all over the world I want to keep the stamps. Here are the ones from Russia.

I am part of a Saturday Sampler at a Local Quilt Shop (LQS). This is block 2 of the BOM I am doing. It is so sweet.

 I am done with the flowers for my partner from The Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap. I hope that she likes them!

So for the next week:
1. Get all 6 blocks done for Designer Mystery BOM. This is my main focus.
2. Get my Schnibbles top done.
3. Work on my Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt Along.

I hope that everybody has a great evening!!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Worktable Wednesday

In September my oldest daughter (DD#1) is leaving to go off to collage. I can't believe that I have a son who is married and a daughter that is a college student. WOW!! SO anyway, when she goes off to school


I am sure that you understand how excited I am. I will get to make a sewing room out of it. I am going to remake an old TV stand into storage and my husband will be making me a sewing/cutting table. We are redecorating her room in a way that she will like it until then and I will like it from then on. It has been fun working with her on colors and trying to find something we both like.

Until then...
I thought it would be fun to take a picture of my kitchen table. I have been sewing there for almost two years. It has been a great spot. Very little storage, it's a table, LOL! But it has served me well. I have almost always left my projects out even when I am not working on them. Here is a picture. I have added descriptions to what you will see in it. Have fun looking at my mess. 


Monday, March 12, 2012

Maniac Monday #5 2012

 It has been a fun two weeks. With all the baby love and fabric it does not take long and days then weeks go by. I have gotten a bunch done. I hope you like all the pictures.

I was able to finish most of my goals from two weeks ago.
1. Block Swap Adventure blocks for February and March.
Done~Posted pictures on previous post.

2. Count on It~ Art to Heart for February and start on March.
Done~Finished February and posted a picture on the previous post. I started on March and also on April.
3. Hello Sun QA for January and February.
Done~Plus I also got March's block done. They are so cute!!


4. Bonnie Hunter step 1.
I have gotten about half of this step done. I already have all the pieces of step 2 cut out. Wow and step 2 is 120 more of the same block. :)

Onto other news...
I received my February block from my partner in Block Swap Adventures. I LOVE IT!! The blue and yellow have sparkle in it. Below is a close up. Thank you!! She even sent me a scrap piece of the blue.

I was part of a group on Flickr. The Geese in a Ring Swap. I received my blocks. The first block is the one I made. The others are made from the other 7 swap partners. Now I have 8 blocks. I will be making a few others to get 12 then I will be making it into a quilt. I was also thinking of making a very large one and placing it into the center and putting the other 8 around the outside. I am not sure.
Th one blow was made with hand dyed fabric, how special.
 I think this one was made will my color choice was blue/yellow. It is very pretty.

I have mentioned before that in my quilt group that I started up in my hometown we are doing a quilt along. It is Count Your Blessings by Briarwood Cottage. These are the next blocks we made. The geese block I made two.
I made three of this block.
So for next week my goals are:

1. Finish step 1 and start on step 2 of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt.
2. Finish March and April's Count on It calendar wall hangings.
3. Get caught up on my Designer Mystery blocks. I think I am about 6 blocks behind. Well ok maybe my goal should be get 2 blocks done. LOL!
4. Get started on my March Schnibble.

I hope everybody can set goals for themselves and get at least half of them crossed off your list.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Count on It and BSA Blocks

What I have been doing...

I have finished my Count on It for February. Here are the pictures for January and February.

I finished my blocks for Block Swap Adventure for February and March.
 This one is going to Russia. I have never mailed anything to Russia. How cool is that.

I will be spending tomorrow paying bills and grocery shopping. I am hoping to get back to sewing on Saturday. We have a new Schnibble pattern and I hope that I can find it tomorrow while I am out and about.

Have a good weekend.