Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chomper and Le Petite Finish

What is happening...
I had a great day!! I little bit of cleaning, a little bit of blog reading (I am so far behind), and a little bit of sewing. We had a nice cool day and I opened up all the windows and let the house breathe. I love when I can do that. My puppy Chomper is growing so big. He needs to stop, LOL!! He has slowed down on going to the bathroom in the house. I am glad about that, I hate getting on my knees to clean the carpet. He sleeps through the night and wakes me up with great little morning kisses. I LOVE HIM!! 

What I accomplished...
It was a nice quiet sewing day. I worked on my Le Petite all day. I had some fall fabrics buried in a drawer that I thought would make a nice table runner for later in September.
I only did half of the pattern. I love it. I can see doing this pattern for placemats.
Here it is finished. I still need to quilt it. But that will not take long.
Here it is posing like a beautiful lady, LOL!!
I will take pictures outside in the sun tomorrow. It will look so much better with the yellow light and not the flash of my camera.
Sewing thought...
I am going to run out of things to talk about here, LOL! Oh well this is just a short post anyway.
Sewing Goals...
I am not sure if I am going to so at all tomorrow. Payday is coming and I need to pay bills. So I will be doing that tomorrow for most of the day. We will see.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sacks and Blocks!!

What is happening...
I am having a good time not having to be responsible for anybody but me and my pets during the day. Can I say how nice it is to do what I want when I want? I am not bound by anybody else's schedule. I sew when I want, or watch a movie when I want. I can do chores in the morning or afternoon. It is nice. Today I read blogs until about 9:30, then I sewed until lunch time, after I watched Red Riding Hood, then I sewed some more. I love it. Things might change in a while but for now I am in my own little world and loving it!!!

What I accomplished...
I actually got a lot done today!! I finished the bag for Santa Sack Swap2. I used the Reversible Patchwork Bag tutorial from Pink Penguin. I hope my partner Andee likes it. I wanted to do a Christmasy sack. The gifts I make her or buy will not be Christmas themed, I want her to use them all year long. 

I finally have my block made for my turn at Let's Bee Together. I bought 2 fat 1/8th bundles at a LQS a month or so back, it is all Toy Box II by Sara Morgan for Blue Hill Fabric. I love these fabrics. They are all so cute. I just need to print out my instructions and then I will be ready to mail off the packages on Friday.

I got my Designer Mystery BOM block for August done. I love these fabrics!! They are so soft and pretty. This was a fun block to make. 

Sewing thought...
How long has it been since you checked your 1/4 inch? How accurate are you? I was WAY off. By almost 3/8 of an inch. Try this little test to see if you should adjust any. You might be surprised!

Sewing Goals...
My goals for yesterday where finished today. I have the bag made. I have my sample block made and all of the envelopes addressed. I need to get my instruction sheet made and printed. I am thinking about sending out a few extra kits to have a few extra blocks made. I want to use all of the colors from the bundles. We will see. I still have 2 pink and 2 red sets. Tomorrow I am working on my Le Petite. I am going to finish it even if I have to stay up all night. I am not messing up again!! Darn it!! LOL!!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Flowers and Little Birds

What is happening...
How was your weekend? Mine was great. I spent all day with my husband at his work on Saturday. He works for a farm as a mechanic and general do-it-all man. We spent most of the afternoon in a Stacker, stacking huge bales of straw. Then we spent most of the evening until 9:30 in a Baler baling hay. It was great. It was a very rough ride but I love spending time with him like that. One on one, with all of his attention. Then Sunday we just relaxed and hung out at home. GREAT!!
What I accomplished...
I got my flowers done for The Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap. These first ones are for my July partner. I love the pattern both sets of petals make.

This second set is for my August partner. I love the colors of the Civil War fabrics. Such muted colors. I hope she likes them and that these are the colors she wanted.

I also finished my Birdie Stitches for June, wow I am so far behind. I love these little stitcheries. They are so cute.

 Sewing thought...
How much thread do you have? Do you only have a few colors or do you have a huge selection of colors. I have a about 15 colors. Mostly I use white and black. I am trying to use more. It is ok for me to use a matching color, LOL!! I am trying! How about you?
 Sewing Goals...
Today I will finish my bag for my partner in Santa Sack Swap2. I have it almost done. Then I would like to get my packages done for my month in Let's Bee Together. I just need to do a few things to get them ready to mail off on Friday. Then we will see what trouble I can get into. LOL!!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Breathing, Blocks, and Returning to Quilting

 What is happening...
Finally! I can breathe again! The wedding is over, the reception is over, both young ladies (DD#1 and DDIL) have passed their driving test and now have their own drivers liceance, (I don't have to be the taxi anymore), All three young ladies (DD#1, DD#2, DDIL she in in College) are in school and working out their own routines. Today is the first day I only had to think of myself. Oh and the puppy!!

What I accomplished...
I want to post a few pictures of out H2H quilts all washed and crinkly. They are at Green Fairy Quilts. They will soon be on their way to Romania to a new home. I loved all of them. My daughter and I feel so good about helping out. It was sad to mail them off, but only for a minute or two, LOL!

I finished my block for my August swap for Block Swap Adventure. It is a wonderful block. Here is the tutorial for it.

This block is the one I received from my partner for Block Swap Adventure for August. I love the look of wonky stars!

Did someone say WONKY STARS? I finished my block for August for Let's Bee Together. She asked for wonky stars in any combo. Can you see them? I think the block is way too busy. I think I will make her a different one. What do you think?
These are the Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap that I received for:
and September

Sewing thought...
How do you decided that the blocks you have made for a swap is good enough to mail off? I usually do not have any trouble sending off a block but like I said I am not sure about the one above.

Sewing Goals...
Because of my crazy schedule the last month I have fallen behind on a few things. I need to finish my flowers for the Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap for the months of July and August. Then I need to make my bag and gifts for the Santa Sack Swap2 that a joined. We are to have our bags and two small wrapped gifts mailed out by September 1st. I am cutting it close. LOL! If I have time at all I need to try and work on my Le Petite which I don't think I will. Maybe next month will just have to be my "GO LE PETITE OVERBOARD" month and get all of the months done that I have not finished or even started.


PS Just one more picture of the beautiful couple!

Monday, August 15, 2011

They are finally MARRIED!!!

The wedding was on Saturday and if was FANTASTIC!! Can I say how touched I was to watch my boy up there offering all of his life to the love of his life! I am so full of love and I am flooded with so many emotions! I will be getting back into blogging and sewing now that every single thought of mine does not consist of the wedding. Who would have thought that I would have that much to do even with her family doing most of it. It was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect and everybody played nice. We had many family members that were previous step parents of the bride and both sides of my family all on the same lawn. OMG!! That is all I can say. I will leave you with a few pictures and try to be back soon!! I love all of you and miss you all!!

I did the cake. My daughter made all of the candy hearts and birds. The cake was 14 inches by 22 inches.

My son and his Best Man, a cousin.

My son, stretching to see his bride!! OH!

During the ceremony. 

Offering cake to each other.

SHE GOT HIM!! LOL! He did give her a kiss and got a little frosting on her nose.

Some comic relief, you know you have to take a break from all of the smiling.

Hold her close boy!!

Well how did Chomper get in here, LOL! He is getting so big. Enjoy the pictures and have a great day!!