Friday, August 26, 2011

Breathing, Blocks, and Returning to Quilting

 What is happening...
Finally! I can breathe again! The wedding is over, the reception is over, both young ladies (DD#1 and DDIL) have passed their driving test and now have their own drivers liceance, (I don't have to be the taxi anymore), All three young ladies (DD#1, DD#2, DDIL she in in College) are in school and working out their own routines. Today is the first day I only had to think of myself. Oh and the puppy!!

What I accomplished...
I want to post a few pictures of out H2H quilts all washed and crinkly. They are at Green Fairy Quilts. They will soon be on their way to Romania to a new home. I loved all of them. My daughter and I feel so good about helping out. It was sad to mail them off, but only for a minute or two, LOL!

I finished my block for my August swap for Block Swap Adventure. It is a wonderful block. Here is the tutorial for it.

This block is the one I received from my partner for Block Swap Adventure for August. I love the look of wonky stars!

Did someone say WONKY STARS? I finished my block for August for Let's Bee Together. She asked for wonky stars in any combo. Can you see them? I think the block is way too busy. I think I will make her a different one. What do you think?
These are the Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap that I received for:
and September

Sewing thought...
How do you decided that the blocks you have made for a swap is good enough to mail off? I usually do not have any trouble sending off a block but like I said I am not sure about the one above.

Sewing Goals...
Because of my crazy schedule the last month I have fallen behind on a few things. I need to finish my flowers for the Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap for the months of July and August. Then I need to make my bag and gifts for the Santa Sack Swap2 that a joined. We are to have our bags and two small wrapped gifts mailed out by September 1st. I am cutting it close. LOL! If I have time at all I need to try and work on my Le Petite which I don't think I will. Maybe next month will just have to be my "GO LE PETITE OVERBOARD" month and get all of the months done that I have not finished or even started.


PS Just one more picture of the beautiful couple!


  1. Hey, 3 quilts, bee blocks and a wedding - I'd say you had lots on your plate that you finished. Unless you stole my superwoman cape - I think you did fantastic and don't worry about not getting to it ALL.

  2. Wow, you get soooo much accomplished! I am in awe of you...great job, girl! :D

  3. Having trouble commenting through google for some reason...Congrats on getting through the wedding and all the drivers' tests! Yay to not being taxi mom! I made your Santa Sack tonight and wrapped up your gifts..should get them mailed out by Tuesday! If you don't get yours out by the first I won't tell :) no worries!