Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hands2Help 2013

Once again our fearless leader Sarah Craig from Confessions of a Fabric Addict has started another challenge to have quilters donate of their love of quilting to those who need a quilty hug. Welcome to Hands2Help 2013. 

This year she is asking for quilts for Happy Chemo. It is an ongoing project by  Emily of Em's Scrapbag. All if the quilts donated to this cause will be given to Chemo patients. Men, women, and sadly children also. I am donating two quilts to this cause. Cancer in a "thing" in my family like it is in most. I feel my heart pulled here. The other place you can donate quilts to is Quilts Beyond Borders. This fall they are donating quilts to Ethiopia and Romania. 

Go check out the above link to Confessions of a Fabric Addict to get all the details for this wonderful challenge. Of course there will be things to share and prizes to win. But mostly this is about sharing what we love most QUILTING to those who need a great quilty hug!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Block Swap Adventure

I blogged about the two quilts I made out of the blocks that I have been collecting from Block Swap Adventure without posting about the last two blocks. I received this one from Kathy. I hope that you can see that she pieced the center square. Lots of little pieces in there. 

This is the one I sent her. It was so easy to make. But I love the looks of this block. 

Some of the things I have been doing...

I have a friend that asked if I would be able to quilt a quilt that she had made for a friend of hers. She brought over this wonderful quilt. I am still learning how to quilt and I told her that but she was sure I would do a good job. I straight line quilted part of it and then FMQ in the horse squares. It turned out great. I loved it. She paid me $30.00. I was so excited!! I have not heard if the friend that received it liked it. I'm sure she did.

One of the UFO's I have pulled out of my closet is Twice As Nice: Eleanor Burns Signature Quilt. It uses one jelly roll plus yardage for borders, sashing, and backing. I made my own jelly roll with fabrics from Joann's. I had all of the blocks for all three quilts finished when I put it away. This is what they looked like as I was getting them out and figuring out my next steps. I just bought some fabric for borders so that is the next step. I will add some pictures of the tops when I put them together when I finish that step.

This following quilt is another UFO. It was in the same box as the quilts above. It is a quilt along that 
crazy mom quilts did back in May 2010. Round and Round Quilt Along. Again it is fabric from Joann's. I had all of the fabric cut including the sashing pieces. I even had all the colored squares paired up with a white and sewn together. 
Here is the center. That was the easiest part. It gets harder and harder with each round.
I love how this is looking. So spring like. It looks like colored eggs in the snow. At this point I have three more rounds to go then two rows across the top and bottom. This one is going to be a lot of work! 

My PQA group that I run gives each person with a birthday a fat quarter. Here is my pile. I love each one of them. So many fun fabrics. 

I was able to buy some fabric for a few projects so I will be very busy this next week. The kids are out for Spring Break all of this next week so I will have no little guy to watch so that means a lot of quality time quilting. Plus the little guys mom quilts and she is off this next week also so we are planning on two quilting days together. Here is a newer picture of him. He has grown up so much!!