Wednesday, July 24, 2013

No Sewing Just Fun

I wanted to stop by and say I have done no sewing lately. I have been having fun with my family. My DD#1 is home on break from college so we are trying to spend as much time with family as we can. I will be going over to my sister-in-law's house today for a little bit of sewing fun. I have been very busy though. I thought I would show you what I have been up to.

I meet up with DD#1 in Twin Falls, Idaho at Shoshone falls about 10 days ago. DD#2 went back to school with her to spend the last week of school with her. This picture is of Shoshone Falls. I was born in Twin Falls and lived there until I was 12. 

I took my girls ans my two neices and nephew out to lunch at the park.  

Here is Jayden, the little guy I watched last year eating his first ice cream cone. He really did not know what to do with it. It was so funny watching him. I love watching kids trying to figure out something new.

Then this weekend we went with my family to McCall, Idaho. We lived there for about 9 years and I miss it SO much. Here is a picture of Payette Lake.

I love the sandy bottom!

The on top of all the running around I have been doing yard work. It is a never ending thing. We get so overrun with weeds. With my illness it is hard for me to get out there often. Plus I get no help from my husband because summer is the busy time on the farm. But I did get my front long flower bed all put together with soaker hose and mulch. It looks great!!

Well thank you for stopping by. I am sorry I had now sewing pictures for you today but I am having a blast anyways. Have a good day!


Monday, July 15, 2013

Manic Monday and Traveling Stash Winner

I have not gotten anything done this last little bit. I have been focusing on family. We had a great 4th of July. Went to three different events on the 4th. Wow so much was going on. 

Below is my Grandfather holding my Granddaughter with her mommy's help. What a sweet moment. I love generational pictures like that.
 We had our own little firework display.

Then on the 9th my Sister-in-law had her baby. She is the little sister to the little boy I was watching this last school year. I will not have to watch them this fall. Their mom has decided to take some time off. 
 Here is my husband holding the new addition to our family while also holding our Granddaughter. The new is as big as the two month old.

Now on to other news. I had only two people enter the drawing for the Traveling Stash give away. It was Susan from suemacseeds. As soon as I get her address I will be going to the mail box to mail off all four boxes. The Traveling Stash box. Then the three boxes for my Anniversary give away. I hope you ladies enjoy your goodies.

Over at Quilting Gallery Michele is hosting a Coaster Swap. I have joined up. These are so cute. 

Over at Sew We Quilt I have joined up to be a part on a new blog hop. Be a Hexie Queen. I can't wait to get start on my project.

 As for me my day will be about finishing the quilting on my strip quilt. Then just resting and laundry. I hope your day is filled with blessings. 


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Traveling Stash Give Away

Time for my give away of this great box!! This is all the great stuff that came in the box. Lots of fun fabric and goodies.
Tons of patterns.
This is what I took.
 This is what I added.
 Here is the box. Already packed just waiting to come to your house. 

These Traveling Stash boxes are so great. You get to take things you didn't even know you needed, LOL! Plus you get to add things you do not need anymore. I hope that we all can jump on this band wagon and help keep these boxes moving. Don't forget to go to Katie's blog to keep up on here the boxes are and when you can enter a drawing to win one.

Here is some fine print:

Rules and Guidelines 

  • Be an active blogger -- post about receiving the box and the giveaway in a timely manner 
  • Update the travel log in the box to let others know where the box has been.
  • There is a list of rules and guidelines in the box -- be sure to follow these to keep the box full of quality items and the experience positive for everyone. 
  • You may take any items from the box just be sure that you are replacing them with quality and comparable items. (Guidelines for fabric below) 
  • Ship box to the next person timely -- and communicate tracking information with recipient.
  • Shipping is within the US only  

The give away will start tonight and run until Monday July 15. Sometime that afternoon I will pick one winner and ship that box to them that day. So follow the rules and enter to win this cool box of goodies!!

Anniversary Give Away!!

Sorry it has taken me SO long to get back to this give away. I had way to much fun over the holidays and just have not been back into my sewing room until today. Sorry for the yucky picture below but I think you get the idea of who won. Speaking of winning because I feel bad I have added two extra winners to the mix. The two winners will receive a smaller box of goodies but still fun stuff. I will be emailing the winners after I post this. Congratulations and thank you for every body that stops by!!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Maniac Monday~Late HA HA

I was busy all last week sewing away. But come this weekend I did not set foot into my sewing room. Hubby was home Saturday which is unusual this time of year. So we did a bunch of yard work in the morning and just spent down time the rest of the day and all day Sunday. It was great. 

I did get those Pincushions filled and sewn together. They turned out great. You can see how big they are. My DD#1 has already picked out one of the triangle ones. 
 This is the crushed walnut shells I used to fill them with. It was about $6.00 for 5 quarts. I still have over half the bag left. 

I am getting closer to being caught up with the other people doing the It's a Mini Quilt Along. The gal who was running the quilt along was having some troubles and stopped posting what the next pattern was so some of the ladies on the Flickr group have kind of taken over and and started suggesting what the next pattern could be. I am just going to keep up with them. I would like to finish this quilt along. I had said that if I won a copy of the book that I would do it. I won so I am going to follow through with what I started. 

#4~Mini Flower Garden
#5~Criss Cross Applesauce

In PQA we have started up a new project. Donation or charity quilts made by us for people in need. Here is my part for quilt #2. It is going to a fundraiser for a man and his family. He will be having a lung transplant and the costs will exceed 1 million dollars. We go to church with his mother and we are friends with her. Many of us know this young man. It is so sad. He is such a nice guy. This is just a very tiny thing we can do to help him out. Go watch the video of his story here

Ha ha I thought I would add a picture of Chompie. He is so cute!! You see how his left eye is kind of closed, well he had a Cheatgrass sticker stuck in between the inside of his eye and the upper lid. It is a horrible sticker that with movement burrows its way deeper into what ever it is stuck in including socks and animal fur. It was in there for two days working its way deeper into his head before I found it and pulled it out. Boy was it stuck. YUCKY!! He is better now and his eye is back to normal. 


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy 3 Year Anniversary!!

I have been blogging for 3 years and one day. HA HA I did not post yesterday so that makes it plus one extra day. I did not think that blogging would be something that I would stick with. When I started I thought that no one would want to read what I had to say. I might get a few followers but I would be mostly me just talking to myself. All I can say is thank you to those of you who have become my friends. Thank you to those that stop by to see what I am up to. I will be giving away 4 yards, yes 4 yards of fabric. It is a collection of vintage sheets. I am giving away 2 Fat Quarters each of  8 different prints. I love vintage sheets. I hope that you do to. I might even add extras into the box to sweeten the pot. Thank you again for being here for me for these last three years. It has been a blessing in my life. Here is to many more fun quilting years!!

Rules of the give away:
1. This give away is open to followers only. If you are a follower add a comment letting me know that you are and how you are following me. If you are not a follower please become one. 
2. For an extra chance tell me what your favorite summertime recipe or food is. Mine is watermelon. I LOVE watermelon. But I also like Oriental Chicken Salad. Good stuff. 

I will keep the give away open until July 5th. I hope you all have a great 4th of July holiday. Be safe!!