Monday, April 23, 2012

New Maniac Monday!

This last week was a good one. I got a few things done in my sewing room (kitchen table) and did a bunch of yard work. I got more done on my Bonnie Hunter Double Delight Mystery Quilt

These are the blocks I am sending to my partner. She asked for spots on the petals and a white center. They are both so cute!

I have two partners for Block Swap Adventures. This is the first block I made for one of my partners. I did not like it very much. It is too weird for me. She has asked for a modern block made with grey, yellow, and white on a grey background. So I made her a second one and I like it much better. 

So I have decided I am not making any more weekly lists. I am going to make a list now that has all of my monthly obligations. I will mark things off the list as they get done and rotate them to the bottom. I know that I will do all on the list as I do that already. A weekly list is to restricting on my creativity, LOL!! This monthly list opens up what  can do and when. 

So welcome to...


Ongoing Projects
Block Swap Adventure x2~1 Done
The Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap~Done
Let's Bee Together

Parma Quilter's Anonymous
PQA Block Swap
Count Your Blessings
Double Delight Mystery Quilt

Saturday Sampler
Paper Pieced
Stitching Month by Month

Designer Mystery BOM 2011
Blogger BOM

Count On It
Hello Sun QA

New Projects
H2H x2~2 Done
DD#1 Graduation Quilt~Done

Quilts for Kids x2




Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another AWARD!!

I am so bad. I forgot to post this. I received The Versatile Blogger award long time ago. I am leaving out all the names of the people I passed the award on to as that ship has sailed so to speak. 
Thank You 
Linda from Stray Stitches for breaking the rules and adding me as the 16th of your 15 selected. LOL!!

I thought I would leave the following to you can learn a little more about me.
Seven Things About Me...
1. I love scary movies. I watch them all by myself. LOL!
2. I love to drive. If we go on a trip I want to be the one driving. My husband and I have chatted about team driving a semi when he retires.
3. I have helped to potty train 6 kids. Plus my own three so that is 9 kids. Oh I hope I don't have to do that again for a while. LOL!
4. I have not had my RA medicine since April 1st of 2011. Thank you insurance company!!
5. My favorite food is pizza. I could eat it everyday.
6. I love chocolate but I am not a fan of brownies.
7. We have 5 animals, 3 cats and 2 dogs. Only one of them we picked all of the others were rescues of some kind.
Thank you to everybody who stop by my blog to see what I am up to. It means a lot to me. You mean a lot to me. I am getting close to having 100 followers and 200 posts. I think I will get a give away together. Check back soon!!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Maniac Monday and a goodbye!

I am thinking to changing this to Trouble Tuesday or something like that because I seem to post better on Tuesday then on Monday. LOL!!

As for my list from last week...

1. Keep working on my Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt Along.
Sort-of ~Here is a picture showing how far I have come...not very far at all. 

2. PQA Bock swap block.
One of three done~I have two partners this month. I have made one block but I am unsure about it so I will make a second one and see how it looks. Then I will send both to her. I have got the fabric pulled for my second partner. 

3. "Count Your Blessing" blocks X 2.
Fail~I did not even touch it.

4. Make my two flowers for The Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap. 

Again Fail~ Did not even look for fabric.

It seems to me I need to stay on task with my goals or stop making them, LOL!!I have sewn a little. I I am working on bibs or "drool rags" for the little guy I am babysitting. You can see blue ones, red ones, one red one with the binding attached, and a finished one without a snap. When I am done I will have 10. That should last him a day or two.

Here are the flowers sent to me my my partner at The Inchy Hexagon Swap. Thank you!! I love them.

Over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict we are getting moving on our H2H quilts. Sunday we had a check in date and I missed it. So here it is. You can't really see the cream/white color, it is the "v" between the blue and green. My partner sent me a color palette from Design Seeds that I needed to match colors to for a quilt. I hope this works.
tones of spring

These following fabrics are for my second quilt for H2H. I have patterns picked out for both quilts.

 The following fabric is for my daughters quilt for her High School Graduation. We have a pattern picked out now I just need to get working on it. the pieces are large so it will go fast. I need to have it completed my the end of May. 

Now for my next weeks list. I am going to skip this. I am just going to see what I get done and list it all out next week. LOL! Have a great week. 

PS We lost one of our pets on Friday. We have had him for about 10 years. This is a picture of him with my youngest daughter. He was her dog. It was a hard day. But on a happier note my oldest turned 20 today!! Happy Birthday Bud!!

Liebster Blog Award Redo!

Sorry everybody, I had to redo this post. it seems I made some mistakes.

Wow I am so excited. I won an award. Over at BillieBee's Blog she has awarded me:

Here is a little info on it!

The Liebster is given to blogs that deserve to be recognized, but have less than 200 followers.
And of course, the award comes with a few rules.

1. Post about your win on your blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who presented you with the award.
3. Copy and paste the award to your blog.
4. Present the award to 5 blogs that have less than 200 followers that you think deserve to be recognized.
5. Let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

Now I am off to see who's day I can make a little brighter!!

OK I am back. I have about 25 blogs that fit the rules. These are the ones I have picked. I wish I could give you all an award.

Calculating Quilter
K's Quilting Korner
IslandLife Quilts
The BunkHouse

Thank you for picking me Billie!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Few Fun Swaps!

I have a fun fun things you might like to go look at. I need more fun in my life. LOL!! I like the idea of swapping things with others in this quilting world. 

I found a fun swap the other day. Ally over at Quilting Mumma has started a swap, a Mug Rug Swap. How fun. She has no rules other than when to send them off. You might have a lot of fun. Head over and check it out.

Take a look at this new swap. It is the Spectrum Charm Swap-Brights on Flickr. You cut up 5 yards of fabric into 56 charm squares. Mail them all off to the administrator then she sorts them and sends them back. Go have a look. It will be fun!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Maniac Monday and Worktable Wednesday on Tuesday

 It has been a weird couple of weeks here. But we are back on track. This is a mixed up post. A little bit of everything. 

When last we met I made a list for Maniac Monday, this is how I did...
 1. Get all 6 blocks done for Designer Mystery BOM. This is my main focus.
Done~I got all of them finished. Here are the pictures to the last two. I love them. I need to come up with a way to set them. We are getting close to be done with this year. We will start a new year soon. 

2. Get my Schnibbles top done.
Done~I made three table runners out of my Schnibble pattern for the month of March. You can see the post for it here

3. Work on my Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt Along.
I have been working on it. I have gotten a bunch done. I will need to keep working on it. At our next PQA meeting I need to have step 1 and 2 done. LOL!

Here is a Worktable Wednesday. I thought it would be fun to show this even though it is not Wednesday. Well and I am even doing Maniac Monday and it is not Monday, LOL!

Have you ever been to Costco? I like going there, but I HATE all the people stopping for samples and leaving their cart in the middle of the aisle! Bad people. Some of us are there to buy stuff not eat lunch. Sorry...ok anyway! They have some of the biggest strawberries. Have you seen them? I know this picture of one of their strawberries is not to scale but it was about 2.5 inches from top to bottom. It was even a tasty little berry! I am so glad spring/summer is here. I state it that way because one day it is 60 and then the next day it is 75. 

So my next week list is:

1. Keep working on my Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt Along.
2. PQA Bock swap block.
3. "Count Your Blessing" blocks X 2.
4. Make my two flowers for The Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap.