Saturday, October 30, 2010

Le Petite~Schnibbles Paganini

I say "I love" too much. Can I say it again. I love this fabric. It is Awesome by Sandy Garvais for Moda. I added in a bit of this and that to add up to the number of squares I was missing. his (for now) will be my favorite Fall quilt. I LOVE IT!! The quilt moves. One minute I see X and O's. Next I see squares that all the sides touch. Then squares with plus signs in them. I hope you like it as much as I do. Happy Halloween.

2010 Designer Mystery Block of the Month Block 5

I love doing these! The fabric is so fun. Fat Quarter Shop is doing a BOM. It uses 12 Days of Christmas by Kate Spain for Moda. I messed it up but I did not see it until I was finished. I am just leaving it.

Flowers of Love by Fee Block 1 & 2

I love the blog Designs by Fee. She has such a wonderful blog. She is doing a Block of the Month called Flowers of Love. It will run for 10 months. I have finally Finished blocks one and two.
Block 1
Block 2

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Frosty Flakes Finishes

Dawn over at As Sweet as Cinnamon started a BOM back at the beginning of August. I love snowflakes. I love 12 Days of Christmas by Kate Spain for Moda. So when she came out with this idea I was in love. I have all the blocks finished. Next I need to follow her instructions for the finish of the quilt. I hope you like all the blocks.

Block 1
 Block 2
 Block 3
 Block 4
 Block 5
 Block 6
 Block 7
 Block 8
 Block 9
It was a couples of firsts for me. My first hexies and first beads and sewing. I loved doing it. Thank you Dawn. Now onto the finishing instructions.

My Animals

I thought I would add a few pictures of a few of my pets. The orange is a female named Polly. She is a stray. The gray one is a male named Spike. He was a kitten from a friends litter. They love each other. We got them both about the same time. Aren't they cute!

 This is Buster. He is a Boston Terrier. We have had them for about 5 years. He was a charity case. I friends mom was going to take him to the pound. So we took him in. He has WAY too much energy. He drives me nuts! But the DH and kids love him so he stays. LOL!
 This is Peso. Another charity case. The own was going to do the same and take him to the pound and we took him. He has become my YDD dog. He is a very over weight Chihuahua. Since this picture he got even bigger now he is on a diet and losing lots of weight.
The only pet not pictured is our 10 year old cat. I will get her next time.

Baby Quilt for a friend

My sister-in-law's sister had a baby shower last Saturday. So in normal Shannon fashion I waited until Thursday to figure out what I was making her. LOL! I decided on a Sudoku Pattern. I read about it on a blog but I don't remember which one. I LOVE IT! The top came together really quick. I worked on it a little bit Thursday, Friday and I was only was 45 minutes late to the baby shower. I got all of it done but washing and drying. I used three shades of brown, green, and blue. The babies room is in a safari theme. She had is crib blanket out when I got to her house. This quilt matches so wonderfully.  

I only had a few puckers. I hope that it turns out ok when she washes it. I think it is time to try the spray basting. I hate pinning!
Here is the label. I have decided now to sew the label into the backing and then quilt it. This way it is part of the quilt.
As soon as the little one is here and in his blanket I will post a picture. 

Brown Bag Quilt Contest-Finished!

So as a recap...He are the fabrics I got from Debbie. She sent me 9 fat quarters of some very fun fabrics.I decided not to use the bright green with the "circus" theme.
 This is my favorite block. What more could a girl want, shoes, hand bags, friends, and girl power. LOL!
 Next is the primadonna block. High class. Royalty expensive glasses, hand bags, shoes, jewelry.
 Good food and love. I have never had sushi before but I have heard some people love it.
 This is a fun one. Candies and phones.
Here is the back. I used every usable piece of fabric. All the extras I made into the back. I used even the smallest pieces as a frame for the label. That was fun to make. I quilted it with a straight lines a 1/4 inch from all the sewn edges. That took a while but I love the way it looks.
Here is the label up close. I had so much fun making this quilt. Thank you Debbie!! I appliqued on one of the little girls onto the label. Isn't she so cute.

Well here it is all quilted and bound. Thank you for this chance to work with some "ugly" fabric. I can't wait to do another one. 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sew Scraps Along

Well I have not had good luck finishing all the Quilt Alongs that I have joined. I love to start them, cut the material, get started then I move on to the next one. LOL! I have heard it called QADD, Quilters Attention Deficit Disorder. That is what I have. In my defense I may not have finished the quilt alongs but I have had finishes, so I am working on something. I am going to try to follow along with this one.

Jump over and give her post a read. You might find yourself joining also.

I am OFFICIALLY on a fabric buying ban! Maybe with me noting it here I will stay to it. I can not start any new project unless I already have all of the materiel, including the backing and binding. I can only buy new materiel if after searching in my stash I can not make anything work. HELP ME! LOL! I really need to finish the old and not start any new. I have won some fabric so that will help!! I was one of the winners on the Fall-O-Ween Blog Hop. Go check it out. So cool!

Then today I found out that I was a winner on one of the blogs that joined up with Fall into Fall give away. I won from Sabrina at Doodle Quilts. Go check her out, she is so wonderful.

I will post on Monday what I have worked on for the last two days. In classic Shannon Manner I waited until Thursday night to start on a baby quilt for my Sister-in-Law's sister's baby shower that was today. I worked on it a few hours on Thursday and last night. Then a few hours today. I was only 45 minutes later to the shower. I got it all done but the washing and drying. TTFN

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall-O-Ween Quilt Designer Blog Hop

I WON I WON I WON!! I am so grateful for this. It is my first win. Thank you ladies for the Blog Hop. I had so much fun reading the posts. You all are so wonderful. Thank you! 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall into Fall Give Away

Well after hours and hours I am done posting on almost all of the participants of the Fall into Fall Give Away. I have not done mush sewing the last week. I have not been feeling well. This weather does a number on me. I miss my sewing machine so today up and Adam, get to it!

I will be finishing my top for the Brown Bag Contest quilt. I have decided to go around the edge with some of the  remaining blocks that I have. Hopefully get it sandwiched along with my other two quilts.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hollyhocks Big Giveaway

Go check out this wonderful give away. They are having a 5 day give away. Today is day three but there are some cool things to win. Just look at the picture above.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

CGQC Theme Sept/Oct

I am still new to quilting. I have only quilted six quilts. I guess that is alot. LOL! I love quilting. I taught myself how to stipple and I love it.  I have looked at the spray but have not tried using it yet. That is my next step, spending more money on good batting a spray. For now I just use pins and cheap batting. After the quilt top is finished I make a quilt sandwich using pins. Then I fix up my sewing machine with the darning foot. After I practice a bit on some scrapes I just dive right in. I love the motion of the stippling. I could do it for hours. Just love the free motion of it. I guess that is why they call it FREE MOTION quilting. Then after that my next favorite part, binding. I could do that for hours. I don't know if this helped anybody but it is how I do it for now. I am sure I will upgrade to better ways as I learn.
This is my second try at stippling. I love how it turned out. This is one of the Quilts for Kids quilts. I have my second kit at home and just need to buy more fabric for my second donation quilt.