Thursday, January 31, 2013

Let's Bee Together

One of the things I dropped out of was Let's Bee Together, well to be fair it did not start back up again. It was a fun group with a few hiccups. I was a part of it for both years it ran. For 2012 December was my year. I sent out late but I am ok with how long it is getting stuff back. December is a hard month to get extra stuff done. I sent out 4-4 1/2 inch square pieces of paper and strips of fabric in matching colors. I asked everybody to sew the strips onto the paper from corner to corner. Here are the blocks I have received so far.

From Christina:

From Linda:

From Erin:

From Ann:

From Charlene:

From Carolyn:

From Bailey:

All I am missing now is blocks from Sara, Robyn, Toni dropped out so I did not send anything to her, and Melinda. I can't wait to see this quilt finished. I will need to make a bunch more blocks. I will put this on a back burner for a while. I want to finish a few other things first. I hope everybody's day is a good one!!  

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fun Stuff Before Christmas

I made a few gifts for my nieces and nephew. Towels with appliqued names. They turned out so cute!

MY 12 Days of Christmas swap was so fun. Here are a few pictures of the different stages of my table runner that my partner set up for me. I forgot to take a finished picture after it was quilted and washed, but I love it!!
Here are the corner pieces:
Here are the center blocks:
Here it is all sewn together with the border:

At the beginning of December my church group went to Hope House and dropped off our quilts that we had been working on for so long. Here is a picture of all the quilts in the main hall. We needed to take 68 quilts but when the final number was counted there was 126 quilts. Wow wonderful ladies!! 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I've Been Gone a Long Time...

It has been over a month since I posted last. So many things have happened. My daughter came home from college and will be home until April 22nd. We have been having a lot of fun hanging out. We had a great Christmas and New Years Eve Party. I found out that I am going to be an aunt again. The little boy I watch during the day is going to be a big brother. We are all so excited. It has been fun watching my daughter-in-law grow with my first grandchild. We found out she is going to have a little girl!! I have picked up a small job making Stoma Covers. Here is a link to a website that sells them but these are not the ones I make. Then I decided that I was not going to take on very many more new projects plus I dropped a few things. I want to focus on finishing things this year. For the last two years I have been a part of a lot of fun things but so many of my beginning projects got pushed to the back. So for this post I am just going to hit a few highlights then come back and post all the goodies. I have been busy sewing but I have a lot more I want to do. So let's begin...

In PQA, my little quilt group, we had a 12 days of Christmas swap. My partner and friend did a wonderful thing. Each of the 12 days was a step to a Christmas Tablerunner. I LOVED making it!! Here is step one.

I finished my December hexies but missed the boat for getting on the list for January. 

December was my month for Let's Bee Together. I got my packages out late. I have been receiving my blocks back and they sure are fun.

One of the tops I finished this month was a Quilt Along I was doing with PQA. Here is the finished center block. I can't wait to show you the top.

For 2012 in PQA we swapped blocks. Each member picked a block and each month we swapped partners. Here are my blocks with a few extras. I finished this quilt top also. I love it. It will be going on my bed when it is quilted. 

In 2011 the females in my family got together and watched all the Twilight movies that were out before going to the theater and watching part one of Breaking Dawn. While we here all together we tie dyed shirts, sweatshirts and I did 2 yards of Kona White. My sister-in-law loves all things "Flower Power". So I took that material and made a quilt for her. I love it and best of all she loves it. She uses it ALL the time. I never took a picture so over Christmas I got one. That peace sign in the middle it one piece of fabric. It sure was fun trying to get that cut out and having it look ok. 

Way back in oh I don't know 2007 or so I started to dabble in quilting but never got serious. I had a pattern for a Trip Around the World quilt. I did not know any different and I had my serger out so I used that. When I got this out of the closet I only had to add the borders. Why did I put this away? Ha Ha!! This is another finished top for me. I love this one too. 

So that is just a few of the things I have been up to. I have not stopped reading every body's blogs and can't wait to get back into blogging myself.