Tuesday, December 27, 2011

OPAM finishes for December

I thought it would be easier to add all of my finishes in one post. I have a long list.

A practice wallet. I am using it to hold my snaps and my snap tool. So fun!

Some of the finishes are Christmas gifts.

 Some are for Santa Sack Swap2. 

Some are for another swap I was a part of.
Which of course I did not take any pictures of, LOL! Have a good day.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Finishing up Christmas and a Few Other Things...

I am happy to say I have made it through the year and have a few wonderful things to be proud of. For me one of the biggest is following along with Little Miss Shabby's Birdie Stitches. I loved them a year ago and I love them now. They are just so sweet. I finished this last one the first week of this month but I am only just now posting about it. I can't wait until next month to make it a top. Then I will find time to make it into a quilt. Thank you these patterns have been great.

I made two extra hexies this month for the gals that sent me hexies. There was a mix up and I got two sets. I felt so bad that one of them sent me a set when they did not have to and now would have to make another set for their correct partner. I hope they like them. They should have them by now or soon.

The partner I had in October got behind. Well what a shocker that I got the mail and here they were. Like an extra Christmas gift. I love them. Thank you!

Every year I make gifts for some of my closer nieces and nephews. This year I made wallets. I added 4 quarters for the girls and a dollar bill for the boys. They are great little wallets. I used a tutorial from Noodlehead. She has some great tutorials. Go check them out.

My last block for this year for Let's Bee Together was for Wendy. She had us use some very pretty Christmas fabric. I love it. I hope she likes her block.

Santa Sack Swap2~Gifts from Andee

Here are my gifts from Andee. Can I say how much I LOVE THEM!!! I am so excited to use them. I can't wait to start a few new things.
(I had two swaps to open so if any of these gifts did not come from you or I am missing something in this post Andee I am sorry)

A huge wonderful pincushion. A tissue holder to match my bag that she made. A Schnibbles pattern~George. A fun little notebook. I love notebooks!
Look at this pattern. And it came with precut papers. They are 1/2 inch hexeis. I have added a quarter for comparison. They are so cute!

5 fat quarters of Punctuation. I love the colors, PERFECT!!
3 fat quarters of fun fabric.
This is a bad picture of these 4 fat quarters. The colors are so soft and pretty. I love them.
Tow hand made by Andee dishrags. I am not sure that I can use them for that. A fun deck of cards.
If you like a mild pumpkin pie taste without the calories try these suckers. SO GOOD! She sent me 4 of them. They were so good!!
This is the coolest thing. My husband is a mechanic and he thought this was for him, LOL!! The magnet is so strong. I just toss in my needles and the magnet sucks them down. It is so fun.

Thank you Andee for all of the cool gifts. I love them. This swap has been fun and I can't wait to do it again.

Santa Sack Swap2~Gifties to Andee

I thought that now that Christmas is over that I would post the gifts that I have worked on over the last 4 months for my partner. I loved each item. It was hard to send them to her. LOL!

For the month of September:
This is the bag I made for her to put them in. It was not large enough. LOL! I should have made a grocery sack size. I will know better next time.
This is a thread catcher. I had a pattern from a LQS but I found this tutorial at The Stitching Room.
This is a thread/needle/stuff holder. I made myself one and then gave that away as a gift as well. LOL! I used a tutorial Laura posted on Sew We Quilt back in September.  
 Here they are together.

 For the month of October:
I cool note block from Joann's. I feel that you can never have enough notes
 I bought her 4-1/2 yard cuts of Homespun. She does a lot of Bonnie Hunter quilts and I hoped that this would add to her stash. I know now that I should have bought shirtings instead but I hope these work anyway.

For the month of November:
A fun Dresden pincushion. I used a tutorial from Molly Flanders. I love this pincushion.
 Then 6-fat quarters of DS Newer line. (Then she came out with another line) I hope this is a good selection for her.

For the month of December:
I found this tutorial at V and Co. for this Comp Book cover and I loved it. It is a little small for the book but it turned out great for the rest of it.
 A few more little notebooks from Joann's. These ones are so small and cute. Around on the back side are some sewing machine needles and stick pins.
 Then to top all of it off I made a sewing machine covers. I hope that it will fits her machine. Not knowing what size it is I am hoping they are all about the same size. I used and tutorial from The Mode Bake Shop. I changed it a bit to fit a machine that does not have an extension.

Well Andee I hope you like your gifts. I sure did love making them for you. I enjoyed getting to know you. I hope your next year is a good one. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Skipping a Beat...

What happens when you skip a beat? You eventually become aware of missed time. Well it is ok for time to pass and to take time off every now and then.

What is Happening...
I have been trying to catch up on a few things. Finishing up a few projects. I have been buying Christmas and trying to get into the festive mood. It is hard this year. I am trying.

We finished up in our PQA for 2011 at the first of the month. We started at the first of the year with a 12 1/2" X 14 1/2" block. We passed it around and took turns adding a border. After 12 months I ended up with a HUGE quilt top.  Here is my finished quilt.

I received two sets of flowers this month. I think there might have been a mess up in the list. I feel bad that I got twice as many flowers as I was supposed to get. I am going to make one flower for each of the ladies then sent flowers to me this month.

From Doris
From Irene
Look how she added pictures of the hexies to the card she sent. How cool!

Wendy made a block for me back in September for Let's Bee Together but forgot to send me back my extra fabric. I emailed her and she sent it to me with a little extra goodie!! Thank you Wendy!

What I Accomplished...
I am making cute little wallets for a few of my nieces and nephews this year for Christmas. I am using the Zippy Wallet Tutorial and the Basic Boys Wallet Tutorial from Noodlehead. I love her tutorials. So fun. Here is my first girls wallet. Trying to get the feel for them before I start making them as gifts. The flap is a little off center but I love it.

I made my flowers for December for my partner. I hope she likes them. I love the look of them, so soft.

As far as my list for this week...
1. Make thank you hexies for Doris and Irene.
2. Make 6 girl wallets and 5 boy wallets.
3. Start on PJ bottoms for my daughters.
That is all I am listing for now. I will see how far I get.


Friday, December 2, 2011

An Update...Maniac Monday #9

I thought I would stop in and do an update on what I have been up too. I have done a lot over the last few days and then had a sick day yesterday.

Of my Maniac Monday list so far... 
1. Was the hexies. Done

2. Make/buy gifties X 3 for my Santa Sack Swap2 partner.

 Finished and will be mailed off on Monday.

3. Make/buy gifties X 12 plus white elephant gift for Parma Quilters Anonymous gift exchange.
Finished and all gifts given to the recipient. 

4. Rip/cut sheets into fat quarters.
Did just enough for gifts.
5. Finish wall hanging for Jayden.
Binding on. It is washed and will be delivered tonight. Oh and Jayden is here also. He was born on Tuesday. What a sweet little guy. I start watching him full time after the first of the year.
6. Make matching receiving blankets and burp cloths.
Have not gotten to it yet.
I received my blocks a while back from my October partner for Block Swap Adventure. She made me two blocks and some fun fabric. I love all of it!!

 I  received my hexie flowers from Linda for November. I love them, thank you!
Today I finished my partner for December for Block Swap Adventure. She asked for soft color flower baskets. This is a paper pieced pattern that I thought she might like. I added a piece of vintage sheets for the flowers.
 Well I am off to take it easy tonight, have pizza, and do a little stitching. See you all Monday!