Monday, January 19, 2015

15 in '14 Follow Up

At the beginning of 2014 I made plans,, with no pressure, to finish some UFO's. I decided that I wanted to at least move each project to the next step. Some I did great on, but I also know how life is and with starting school I hit a road block. I still feel like I made some headway and that makes me happy. Here is a follow up post on these 15 projects.

2010 Designer  Mystery BOM
I was able to get all these blocks into a top. I love it. I added this to my every growing box of tops. Man, one day I will have to make them all into quilts. 

Birdie Stitches
This one also made it into a quilt top. I love the very thin sashing. It helps separate all the colors in the edges of the blocks. 

Black and White Garden
I was able to finish each of the blocks for this quilt. I was able to get all of the stitching done on all of the flowers. Now I just need to all of the blocks sown into a top.

Double Delight
I was able to get all of these pieces made into blocks then into a quilt. I have since added a border and started quilting it. I hit a design snag with the quilting so until I feel like I want to tackle it again it is in a drawer.

Quilts for Kids Their Kit
I was able to finish this one. I loved the way it turned out. So cute!!
Quilts for Kids My Kit
This one also turned out so cute. I did the binding differently and the bottom curled up a bit. I did not know about it until it was washed. Darn!

Round and Round Quilt Along
I was able to get a few rounds sown on this top. Once I get this last round on I think it is just two rows added to the top and bottom to make it rectangular. It reminds me of Easter.

I made no progress on the following projects. That is ok!! I accomplished a lot last year even if it did not show in my 15 in '14 plans. Each of these projects will one day be finished but until then I will not stress over them. 
2011 Designer Mystery BOM

 A Year of Paper Piecing

 Apple Core

 Count On It

 Hello Moon

 Hello Sun

 Tetris Quilt Along

Trip Around the World


Monday, January 12, 2015

Hexie Update

Another week gone. But I started online classes again and I am ready to hit the books running, or is that reading. I am trying to get caught up on some blogging that I have neglected. I have been sending and receiving Hexies. Here is an update to get me caught up.
The flowers I received for the month of May.

These hexies were mailed off in July to their recipient and then they were returned to me. So I used them as Angel Hexies for the month of June.

These yellow beauties I got for the month of August. Aren't the sunflowers so cute!!

 For the month of  September I received these. They sure are fun.

Then in October I got these flowers in the mail. I love this first one. Very Christmas-y. 

I hope to be back in the middle of the week will more news.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Stuff For Laura

Before my daughters left to go to college in September I made some pouches for my youngest. We bought the one in the back with the handles and then she picked some scrapes and zippers. There is one large one and four smaller ones all the same size. When filled with her bathroom stuff they all fit into the bag with the handles.

This is a very large bag for her to put her desk supplies in. 

My older daughter made herself a double layer fleece blanket with a pocket. So because my youngest can't/won't sew I made one for her. 

And of course I can't have a post without one picture just for fun!! This is Abby, my oldest grand daughter.


Sunday, January 4, 2015

A New Year!!

So much time has gone by. I have gone through my first semester of college. I aced both classes. My second semester starts tomorrow and goes until April. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I will be taking a math class and it has been years since I had to do any serious math. I have not been able to sew much with all of the homework. I am going to make time this semester, I miss sewing. I did sew one quilt. I made a quilt for the fire department that my dad used to volunteer for. I made a rail fence in shades of brown. So I named it "Dirty Fence". It will be used as a raffle quilt. I will not know until about July how much this quilt raises for them. I'm excited!

My second grand daughter was born September 5th of last year. She is so sweet!! They named her Lillian. We are so happy to have her in our family. 

 Here I am holder her right after she was born.

Here she is with her daddy, my son, and her big sister, Abby.

Here she is about a month ago. I know she looks like she is cross-eyed, she is not. HA HA She is just focusing on my shirt. 

I hope that everybody had a great Christmas and I hope that everybody's New Year is fabulous!!