Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall into Fall Give Away

Well after hours and hours I am done posting on almost all of the participants of the Fall into Fall Give Away. I have not done mush sewing the last week. I have not been feeling well. This weather does a number on me. I miss my sewing machine so today up and Adam, get to it!

I will be finishing my top for the Brown Bag Contest quilt. I have decided to go around the edge with some of the  remaining blocks that I have. Hopefully get it sandwiched along with my other two quilts.


  1. Hi, Shannon. I love your quilts. I came over from the Fall Hop winners to see who won. I like your blog. I especially like all the tutorials you listed on the side--what a neat idea. I became a follower, because I want to come back. :)

  2. Congratulations on the blog hop win!!! I just saw your name. I won the grand prize last year and be in for a really pleasant surprise when your package comes. The designers are awesome! ISn't the blog world wonderful?