Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sacks and Blocks!!

What is happening...
I am having a good time not having to be responsible for anybody but me and my pets during the day. Can I say how nice it is to do what I want when I want? I am not bound by anybody else's schedule. I sew when I want, or watch a movie when I want. I can do chores in the morning or afternoon. It is nice. Today I read blogs until about 9:30, then I sewed until lunch time, after I watched Red Riding Hood, then I sewed some more. I love it. Things might change in a while but for now I am in my own little world and loving it!!!

What I accomplished...
I actually got a lot done today!! I finished the bag for Santa Sack Swap2. I used the Reversible Patchwork Bag tutorial from Pink Penguin. I hope my partner Andee likes it. I wanted to do a Christmasy sack. The gifts I make her or buy will not be Christmas themed, I want her to use them all year long. 

I finally have my block made for my turn at Let's Bee Together. I bought 2 fat 1/8th bundles at a LQS a month or so back, it is all Toy Box II by Sara Morgan for Blue Hill Fabric. I love these fabrics. They are all so cute. I just need to print out my instructions and then I will be ready to mail off the packages on Friday.

I got my Designer Mystery BOM block for August done. I love these fabrics!! They are so soft and pretty. This was a fun block to make. 

Sewing thought...
How long has it been since you checked your 1/4 inch? How accurate are you? I was WAY off. By almost 3/8 of an inch. Try this little test to see if you should adjust any. You might be surprised!

Sewing Goals...
My goals for yesterday where finished today. I have the bag made. I have my sample block made and all of the envelopes addressed. I need to get my instruction sheet made and printed. I am thinking about sending out a few extra kits to have a few extra blocks made. I want to use all of the colors from the bundles. We will see. I still have 2 pink and 2 red sets. Tomorrow I am working on my Le Petite. I am going to finish it even if I have to stay up all night. I am not messing up again!! Darn it!! LOL!!



  1. I do like it! Can't wait to get my hands on it!

  2. Pretty blocks! And I love the Christmas bag. I need to start whipping up gifts out of my stash for family this season!