Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chomper and Le Petite Finish

What is happening...
I had a great day!! I little bit of cleaning, a little bit of blog reading (I am so far behind), and a little bit of sewing. We had a nice cool day and I opened up all the windows and let the house breathe. I love when I can do that. My puppy Chomper is growing so big. He needs to stop, LOL!! He has slowed down on going to the bathroom in the house. I am glad about that, I hate getting on my knees to clean the carpet. He sleeps through the night and wakes me up with great little morning kisses. I LOVE HIM!! 

What I accomplished...
It was a nice quiet sewing day. I worked on my Le Petite all day. I had some fall fabrics buried in a drawer that I thought would make a nice table runner for later in September.
I only did half of the pattern. I love it. I can see doing this pattern for placemats.
Here it is finished. I still need to quilt it. But that will not take long.
Here it is posing like a beautiful lady, LOL!!
I will take pictures outside in the sun tomorrow. It will look so much better with the yellow light and not the flash of my camera.
Sewing thought...
I am going to run out of things to talk about here, LOL! Oh well this is just a short post anyway.
Sewing Goals...
I am not sure if I am going to so at all tomorrow. Payday is coming and I need to pay bills. So I will be doing that tomorrow for most of the day. We will see.



  1. Your little Chomper is just adorable! Is he a mini-daschund? I just love them...

  2. Chomper is sooooooo cute!! Your quilt top is beautiful!