Wednesday, September 7, 2011

S.H.E., Lunch Boxes, and Hoarders

What is happening...
Things have been nice and quiet around here. With the kids in school or at work and the puppy adjusting well everything has finally settled into a nice quiet rhythm. I like that. I am trying to work on my house cleaning. Since I started quilting last June my house has gone to "you know where". I used to keep the house fairly clean all the time but know I am to busy on the computer or sewing. LOL! My husband understands but wishes for some of his old wife back. Have you every read the Sidetracked Home Executives book? It is so funny and they really have some good ideas. I did this program way back in about 1995. I loved it. Now that I am a SHE again I am giving it another try. Go check it out.

After I finished my Le Petite for August on the last day of the month, LOL, I took a break. Thursday was a "computer+movie watching day". Friday was "bill paying+grocery shopping day". Saturday was "yard work day" and Sunday was off limits. My whole family went to the lake and had lunch together. It was a good relaxing day. Monday was Labor Day but hubby had to work, so that meant I got to sew. Then we had a weenie roast at his family's house that night. It was so fun.

What I accomplished... 
I made a small dog bed for Chomper. I thought it was so cute. I just made a square, rounded the corners, stuffed it, and added four knots in the center to pull it down a little.

 As you can see here it is too small for him. Darn!! Oh well it will work for now.

 Even our other dog had to try it out. It is WAY to small for him but he still loved it. LOL!

Then I made a "Doggy Bag" to carry around all of Chompers stuff. Boy I can't wait until I can leave him home in his crate like we do with our other two dogs. You know it is like packing for a baby! Water, food, toys! Holy cow batman! I used Ayumi's tutorial for her lunch box. I love her tutorials. The only thing I did differently was to make the boxed corners smaller so it was narrow at the bottom and not so square. It made it taller that way also.

Top view.

Why make one when you can make two at the same time, LOL! I made a lunch bag for my DD#2. She picked out her colors in April and I am just now getting around to it. LOL! That is ok it is the beginning of a new school year. I did not alter this bag.

Top view.

Sewing thought...
I have been watching Hoarders. Have you seen that show? SO SAD! I got up at one point to go to the bathroom and walked through my bedroom/storage room and nearly fell over. I am not to the point where I can't find my kids but let me tell you there are piles everywhere. Fabric that needs to be given a home. Stuff that I have no idea where to put. Things that have homes that I have not put there yet. Is this how it starts? A little mess, then laziness or confusion take over then add in time passing and guess what you have become a hoarder. NOOO!! Ok so I am going to do something about it. I sat down yesterday and cut up boxes that I have been saving, for this very job, and I have begun to store my yardages of fabric. (I will add pictures of this later) I don't have a lot but when it is piled on your dresser and desk it looks like a lot. I have a drawer or two this fabric can go in so I am doing it! So how about you? When you look around do you see the big garbage trucks parking out front? Do you feel like any minute someone is going to come in and find dead cats under your stuff? (Sorry, one episode they found like 37 dead cats in a ladies garage.) I hope not, but if you feel that way do something about it now. For those people that are hoarders I am so sorry. This show is done, I feel, in a tasteful way. But your lives have been opened to the world and I can not even imagine how that must feel. Hang in there and get some help.
Sewing Goals...
Today I am going to get that bedroom cleaned out. All of my fabric will end up on my sewing table to be folded around boards to be put into drawers. I will not be able to sew until all of it is put away. SO if I want to sew, which I do, then it will have to be finished, LOL!! I am like a little kid, I need an award to finish a job I might even go buy me some chocolate! IF I have anytime left over it will be to get some house work done. I hope to be back in a few days with some good news.


  1. I am nowhere near as bad as the hoarders, but we always have messes at our house. :( I just cannot get it together to keep a clean place. I've always fought with dysthymia and depression, and these take a toll. But now that the kids are gone and my precious emotional energy isn't needed for them and their activities, I'm slowly rehabilitating each area. Takes forever, because I've got my studies and quilting, but it's getting there. :)

  2. I love your pet projects......looks like they are popular at your house. :-) I'm going to check out that book.