Friday, September 16, 2011

Fun Sewing and Mailed Off Items

What is Happening...
I have been busy doing all kinds of sewing. It has been nice to just sew whatever I want. We finally had rain yesterday for the first time in forever. It was such a downpour. The girls and I went outside and stood in it for a few minutes. Chomper did not like it at all, LOL! Today I needed to go and get a fasting blood work done but I did not get to the doctor's office until 11:00. Oh I was so hungry. I took myself out to lunch after that. LOL!

What I Accomplished...
I used a pattern that I won from Gingercake, Notebook Slipcover 2. It is a good pattern. Mine is a little loose but I will get better at it.
I used a tutorial from Sew We Quilt for Laura's ruffled draw string bags. It was an easy project.

 I was finally able to get a few things finished and mailed off.
I mailed off my sack and first two gifts to my partner Andee for the Santa Sack Swap2. I will not be posting any pictures of her gifts until after Christmas. 

I mailed off my September flowers for The Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap.

I also mailed off my block for Block Swap Adventure. My partner asked for Card Trick block. I have never made one. Other than one of my purples not ironing right it turned out great. I liked making that block.

Sewing Thought...
Do you use starch on your blocks? After making the above block I was wishing I had some. The purple with the little roses on it would not iron flat. I thought that maybe that the starch would help. If you do use starch what kind do you use? I have heard the Best Press is good.
Sewing Goals...
I would like to work more on my July Birdie Stitches. I need to get caught up. I will do a little work my DD#1 Homecoming dress for tomorrow night. I just need to tighten up the straps. Then I really want to get my Designer Mystery BOM block for September done. I love the pattern for this month. Then if I feel like it and have time left I would like to work on the Le Petite for this month.



  1. Lots of wonderful projects Shannon! I have BestPress and some other brands - I find they pretty much are the same. You can make your own, too. Sometimes a wet press clothe works better - even some water in a mist bottle ($ store) spritz works good.

  2. Shannon, I love first little drawstring bag...both the color and the way it turned out. So cute!!

  3. I love the little bag, but I'm loving looking around your blog too!