Monday, September 23, 2013

Maniac Monday

It is a good Monday. Many thins are getting back to "normal". I think I am am almost back into a routine. It is so funny to think I have had hard time. The only major thing that has changed is my daughters going back to school. DD#1 off to collage and D#2 to high school. It has just turned my world over. LOL!!

I signed up to do a swap over at Quilting Gallery. It was for a set of 4 coasters. They are so cute. 

Here are the 4 I sent off to my partner. I love them. I have not received mine yet but soon I hope. 
 The backs.

 She is starting up a new swap. You will make two fall Mug Rugs and then swap them with your partner. I have already signed up. Jump on over if you are interested.

My sister-in-law had a baby over the summer and I have not had time to make her a gift. So last week I cut some time to do that. I made here a nursing cover. I used this pattern. Very simple to make.

Then I made her six sets of matching receiving blankets and burp cloths. I just serged around the edges. 

My cousin called a couple of weeks ago and told me her daughter had a 4H auction coming up very soon and her daughter had not done anything to help raise money. My cousin asked if I had any quilts I could donate for her. I went searching for a quilt I could part with and came across this one that was just a top and back. I quickly put it together did some diagonal straight line quilting. Wrapped the binding around from the back and TADA I had a quilt. I has so shocked to find out that the quilt went for $175.00. WOW!! I am glad it helped them out but also that someone bought something I made with scraps for that much money. HAPPY DAY!! So now to be help the daughter of the cousin know you don't get anything for free I am having her go help pull weeds at the house of my sister-in-law for the above items. It all comes around don't you think.
The Back. 

I hope you all have a good day. 



  1. Isn't it nice to use something you have hanging around for a good cause.

  2. Those coasters are SO CUTE!! You have a lucky partner :)