Friday, September 6, 2013

Mug Rug Revival Round 2 Swap

A while back I signed up to be in a swap: Mug Rug Revival Round 2 on Flickr. Jan is the leader and she is getting ready for Round 3 when this round is done. I got a late start making mine but I got it done today. I will get it mailed off on Monday. I have had a fun time designing this Mug Rug. She asked for something not square or rectangle. And to have fun with the colors, she likes brights. So this is what I came up with. I found a pattern and modified it to my needs. Here are the pieces and the fabric I picked. Some of the colors were not used. 

Here is the center.

Here are the outside pieces done and getting trimmed up.

Here are the big rings done. I decided not to use them. The rug would be way to big. It would be more like a wall hanging or table topper. They are so cute. I am going to make a second center and use these piece to add to mine.

The paper has been ripped off and the edges sewn on. That was my first curves! They were fun!!

It is now completed. I LOVE IT! It is very hard for me to send it off. I did small stipple in the pink. A star in the center and straight diagonal lines in the border. It took a bit of stretching to get the outside edge to lay flat. It looked like a shallow bowl. HA HA!

Here is a close up of the quilting. 

Here is the back. I used fun stick pin fabric on the back. An appliqued VW Bug on the label. SO CUTE!!

Close up of the label. 

Here is what I am sending to her. A bag of crushed walnut shells. Sewing machine needles. Two fat quarters of vintage sheets. A pen with two matching note pads. I sure hope she likes it!



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  2. That's seriously beautiful!! I love the rainbow brights.