Monday, June 24, 2013

Maniac Monday

As I was going through my past blog posts it occurred to me that my post are VERY long. Yuck!! I know for me if I have 45 blogs to read then when I come across one with a lot of words I sometimes just skip over them. So in the interest of saving you time I have move my MONDO HUGE UFO list to it's own page. I will make changes there every week and show pictures here. 

Back in 2011 on Let's Bee Together I sent out a bunch of fabric for these blocks to be made for me. I used 30's fabrics and Kona White. I received back all but one block. I got the box out (while I had 30's on the brain) and took stock of what I needed. I had to make the block that I was missing but using what little fabric I had left. I did not have enough so I made a block with some solid that matched. 
I made two blocks.
 And  two pink blocks.
Here they are all together.
Now how do I set them. I have 16 blocks total. I decided I did not want to make too many more blocks so I decided on making the blocks on point so then I would only need two more blocks. This is what I am thinking:
I bought a brown set of 30's fabric and will be working on the last two blocks and sewing it all together into a top this week.
Here is the fabric I will be using for the set in triangle for the top. I love this buttery yellow, it matches the teddy bear in the brown fabric. The orange fabric is a bonus piece. I did not want it but the lady cut it and I was not paying attention to stop her. Oh well. Then some other fabrics that found their way home with me. 

Next I found and dragged this bad boy out, It was from way back in May of 2011. I had finished it but then could not figure out what was wrong with it. I did not want to take the time to figure it out. Well I did the the other day. The bottom row needed to be moved to become the top row. 
That was a lot of unpicking. Now it is all resewn back to the way it is supposed to look. Now I can move that down my list. 



  1. I like the 30's blocks and I think setting them on point will really make them glow. You are visiting some old loves.

  2. I spent the day making thank you gifts for my executive committee. We have a new group in now and all of us are just back to being members.