Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Not WiP Wednesday~Double Delight Quilt Along

Freshly Pieced is not having WiP Wednesday today because she is still on vacation. Good for her. But I worked hard today so I thought I would do it myself. I had so much fun over the last few day working on one of 15 for '14. My Double Delight Quilt Along by Bonnie Hunter. I have kept track of my progress on my UFO's here on this page. I started yesterday trimming all of the pieces into 3 1/2 inch squares. So many trimmings. I am not a football fan but these look like pom-poms. The parts that look blue are really a dark purple. I could not get the colors right on my computer. So just imagine purple, orange, and white. I KNOW!! What was I thinking. Those colors are so weird. 
After some of the trimming was done I wanted to see what the blocks were going to look like. Interesting colors. The four corner squares on point are blue and white flowers with yellow centers.
Here is some of the piecing being done today. When I stopped I had but the last seam on all of these "9 patches" done. There are 30 blocks total of this set. Each block has 49 pieces. So that is 1,470 just in those blocks. Tomorrow I will finish sewing them up and start working on the other blocks. I will be only making 20 of them. But each of them have 49 pieces in them as well, for a total of 980. WOW!! After I get the Center together I get to add 22 setting corner pieces. That is a total of  2,472 pieces. Not counting borders and corner stones. CAARAZY!! What was I thinking taking on this quilt. It will be beautiful.

Ha Ha after all that math I feel silly saying I also got two more pet beds made. They will be dropped off on Friday.



  1. If you are enjoying the project, hey - keep smiling and stitching.

  2. Double Delight is one of my absolute faves! I cannot wait to see yours come together, this one is so worth it. Of all the quilts I have made of Bonnie's this is the one that I think about doing again!