Monday, August 4, 2014

Maniac Monday~8 It is a Top!!

Since Wednesday I have spent a lot of time in the sewing room. I have enjoyed myself so much. I have missed the process. The vision I see in my head of what I think my project will look like. The multiple identical steps. The seemingly hundreds of little steps until you get to the part were with each seam the whole thing starts coming together. Then before you know it the top is a top. It is a quilt!! I cuddly blanket that many naps will be taken under. How exciting!! I love this quilt. I am not sure about the colors but I love that I can look at this one and say, "Yeah, I made that!!" I am not sure if I need to add a border or leave it as is. I only have orange fabric left. What do you think? Should I add the orange or use the orange as the binding? I am leaning more for the second idea. Thank you for stopping by!!



  1. So very proud of you! That quilt looks great! Love the yellow, I don't think I have seen one with that colorway--really stunning! Way to go!

  2. This quilt is beautiful just the way it is. Use the orange for the binding. Enjoy the quilt.

  3. I agree, no more to it than just the binding - and use the orange. Beautiful - congratulations.