Monday, July 28, 2014

Maniac Monday 7~Pets and my Finger

I am having one heck of a time with a few changes and I think that is partly why I am having a hard time staying up on my blog. For Christmas my husband bought me an iPad Mini. I love it. I can use it anywhere. I quickly learned I could not blog from it though. To keep under the amount of space my pictures use blogging I always edit my pictures in a different program before I upload them to Blogger. Well I can't use the program on my iPad. Well that was ok I still had my laptop to do that. Well then about after 3 weeks after Christmas my laptop died!! Oh I was so MAD. Now what. So I found an app I could use on my iPad to edit pictures then an app to blog from. I was a little fussy so I stopped using them. So off and on I have used my daughter's computer. She will be leaving soon and I need to find a more permanent way to store and edit pictures then to blog them here. So I have been using a small older laptop my husband used awhile back. It is SLOW!! Oh I am frustrated. But I am going to figure this out. I miss blogging. So I am going to stop fighting it and teach myself a new trick or two, ha ha!! Do  you have a process of how you blog? I would love to hear how you do it.

 On a sad note we lost another pet last night. Here is a picture of him from yesterday while I was holding him. He was a huge gray cat that we got from a sister-in-law. She had rescued him at another sister-in-laws house about 6 years ago. He took him and he has been a great cat. We got him fixed when he was young and shortly he started acting weird. I took him to the vet. We found out that he was one of a lucky few that get "sand" like calcium deposits inside the bladder that block his urethra and cause urine to back up. We had to buy him special urinary health cat food. The vet told use he would always have that problem and it might get worse. Well I believe that is why he passed away. He was my DD#2's cat. He slept with her and just loved her. We are all very sad and hurt. Losing pets is so hard. This makes 5 pets in 6 years. Our Boston Terrier is getting up there and we will lose him soon also. Hug your pets!! Tell them you love them for me.

With help from my quilt group we were able to donate 5 pet beds to a local shelter a few weeks ago. (How fitting these two pictures are together.) Anyway we are saving all of our fabric clippings and scraps. I then sew two fat quarters together and stuff them. The shelter was so happy to receive them. I hope to be back next week with pictures of other fun things that I got to work on.

I have not been able to do very much sew because I did a very bad NO-NO!! I was at my sister-in-law's house sewing a few weeks ago. I had moved the sewing machine petal more to the back of my foot because  my nephew was crawling under the table. I got up and walked away from the table. When I came back I was talking and not watching what I was doing. This is what we think happened. I put my hand inside the machine to move it and at the same time stomped on the petal because I forgot that I had moved it. Well the machine took off because I had not turned it off, who does that! And the machine ATE my finger. ATE it! Like a hungry monster. I will show you the after pictures first then at the bottom is what it looks like with the need stuck in my finger. The arrow shows where the needle went in. I had to cut my nail back because it went through the nail. OUCH!!! It hurt so bad when they took it out. But I am fine now. Just tender when I bump it. 

I this one you can see where it went in and then back out.

Turn away now if you do not want to see what the needle looks like stuck in my finger. That spot of blood is all the blood there was. 

Turn away now if you do not want to see it!!




  1. I have done that with the needle, hurts like mad and takes awhile to heal! Sorry about the kitty, that is always hard!

  2. Sorry for the loss of your furry family member. Ouch - yes, been there, too. Take care.

  3. I've sewn my finger but never that badly. OUCH!