Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blocks, Blocks, and More Blocks

What is Happening...
I had a good weekend. I hope you all did. I went out with my husband Saturday night to bale some hay. It is fun going out with him in a tractor. It makes him feel good to be able to share that part of his life with me. I picked up Subway on the way out and we ate while driving in a field. Oh the life of a farmer. He is really the mechanic but sometimes he gets to drive the equipment he works on, LOL!

I received my Block Swap Adventure block for September. I love it. So fun to look at!! Thank you Linda B.

I am starting to receive my blocks back from the ladies I sent my fabric to for Let's Bee Together.

This block is from Linda. I just love '30s fabric. Thank you Linda!

This one is from Colleen.

This one is from Bailey.

This one is from Stacy.

 Then this one is from Tiffany.

I am finally getting around to posting my bag and first two gifts from Andee for Santa Sack Swap2. She made me a bag out of cool '30s fabric. I could not help but squeeze the bags a little. I will not open them until Christmas Day!!

What I Accomplished...
I have finished my Birdie Stitches for July. I love this one. I like the fireworks!

I even finished my Birdie Stitches BOM for August over the week end. I love sunflowers. How sweet.

Here is block #4 for Celebrating Christmas Quilt Along. Lots of hand stitching. What do you think, does it look like a Christmas block? I think I have backed myself into a corner by deciding that I only want to use '30s fabric. Well I can just tell myself that it is a "country Christmas" LOL!!

I feel bad. I decided to follow along with Mug Rug Madness. But I have not. Well after this month is over I will go back and make some mug rugs for Christmas. It will be fun. 



  1. Very cool 30's blocks! You seem to be getting a lot more done - looks like you have found a happy work pace.

  2. You have been busy with blocks!

  3. The Birdie Stitches are adorable! And I just love all the colors in your LBT swap blocks. Hope you got mine this week!