Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Weekend and NAG in the Brain Space

What is happening...
We had a great weekend. School is over and it is so nice to get graduation out of the way. My son's girlfriend graduated High School. Now they are both over 18 and out of school. Kind of a scary thing, but exciting at the same time. On Sunday we went on a 200 mile drive to were my family was camping and spent the day with them. It was windy and cool but it was great. We all came home with sun and wind burns.

Here is part of what our drive was like. Such beautiful clouds.

Here is the lake. It is CJ Strike Reservoir.

More clouds over the lake.

We say this on the way home. It was so bright and wonderful!

What I accomplished...
Because of the weekend I did not do any sewing. Today I finished the borders and quilted both of my Quilt for Kids quilts. They have been a nag in my brain. I have had them WAY to long. I feel bad but I have let myself off the hook on them. They will get done and mailed off then I will not ask for more until I know that my plate is cleaner and I can finish them right away. I will post pictures tomorrow. By the time I was done tonight it was to dark.
Sewing thought...Do you have "nag in the brain" projects. Things you know you need to finish but just don't. Maybe it is a project that you started and then put away. Maybe it is something you intended on finishing for Christmas but it is June the next year. Maybe this summer (or winter where ever you may be) you could finish that NAG and get it out of your brain space. I know that when these quilts are done I will be happier.
Sewing Goals...
I want to finish the Quilt for Kids quilts and get them off into the mail. I will see where I go from there. I might start on my Bee blocks. Have a great evening!!

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  1. I don't have NAGS, but I have been looking for a 'flimsy' quilt top finished last year that was bagged with batt and backing ready for the longarmer - she did 2 others and this was to be the third - have no idea where it went?