Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cute Pincushion and Change of Plans

What is happening...My girls' last day of school is tomorrow. I am so excited. I love it when they are home. As soon as I could appreciate them I was able to view them as people and not little kids and I started to really enjoy them. (I hope that does not sound bad) I like spending time with them. Hanging out, playing games, watching movies, crafting, and laughing. I will miss them when they move on with their lives. I will be planning the summer with them next week. The things that we need to do in the yard and the fun trips we want to go on. We call it our Musketeer Meeting and we have been having them for about 5-6 years at the beginning of every summer. I can't wait!!

What I accomplished...
I have gotten my Quilted fabric Basket Swap gift shipped off. I can't wait to see if she likes it. I loved making it. I ad those three Snap Happy bags, some M&M's, and note book, and mints in a little tin.
I can't wait to get mine.

A while back I promised to make retromummy some blocks for Quilts for Queensland. I have made one using just scraps. I have used this pattern for a Block Swap I am in. I love the pattern. I will be making 11 more blocks out of other fabric and sending them all to her.

I have made a cute pincushion/bag for myself. I love the colors and the whimsy of it.
I have it by my sewing macing and keep my stuff in it. 
 There is a little pocket inside.
 Here it sits on the edge of the table. You can see my sewing machine in the back. LOL!!
 I added the black stitching using 6 strands of floss.

Sewing thought...
Are any of you members of quilt groups or guilds?
Have I told you about the little quilting group I have started up. We call ourselves
We meet once a month at a members house. We have been meeting since about September. We have 9 members including myself and my oldest daughter. We have a blog that I keep up to date (except for this month, I am late). We are doing a border quilt project were we swap our quilt top and the next person adds and new border then we swap again. We are having such fun. We have from beginner quilters up to seasoned quilters. I LOVE IT!!
Sewing Goals...
Just working on the same goals. I am going to break up my Designer Mystery BOM into four table toppers as Christmas gifts. I got that idea today from a friend. Great idea. I was not sure what I was going to do with a large Christmas quilt. I am hoping to get on them tomorrow.


  1. I just love your quilted bag and all those snappy purses! Your pincushion and bag are so cute - the extra stitching just adds to it. I like the idea of dividing the Mystery project into table toppers - more people get to enjoy them. Your little group sounds like lots of fun.

  2. The beginning of summer is such a great time!! So full of fun and excitement :-) My boys don't get out until the week after next and we have to go through exams first :-( still seems like awhile from here! Enjoy! I love your projects! Your quilt group sounds like fun. I don't belong to one although I usually go to a dinner and sewin at my LQS once a month to sew with friends.