Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Mass PIF Kinda Thing!

One of the blogs I follow is That Girl... That Quilt. I enjoy her blog so much. She has such wonderful ideas. One of the things that I have enjoyed so much about her blog is her series Quilting Without Obligation.
In it she talks about quilting for the love of quilting. You might enjoy it as well.

On Friday she asked everybody that would like to to sign up for a Pay-It-Forward. I am already signed up for one so I did not join in the fun. She had so many sign up that she has made a special PIF. I have borrowed her words for you:

"At the bottom of this post you can add your link. From the link list, you will make something for the person right after you and the last person will make something for the first person on the list. Make sense? In addition, you will still choose 2 others{could be other bloggers or even someone you know in real life} that you want to pay-it-forward to on your own."

So I have signed up! She will get a hold of me with the person that I send to and then I will pick two other people that I send to. I will have to work out some way to pick. I am not sure if I will pick bloggers or others in my life. I can't wait. If this is something you might be interesting in hop over and check it out.


  1. I saw her post - so glad there was such an interest and love her concept. We don't need a sign up - PIF anytime to anyone. I know a lot of non-bloggers and love to send them little things. Even a neighbor would love a little special gift. Or a shut in. There are people all over our community.