Tuesday, May 10, 2011

UTI and Magazine Win

What is happening...
I laugh when I think about what is happening. I have a UTI and am on antibiotics. I had a migraine over night that is still hanging on. This is the second night in a row that I have been up before 4:30. Actually this morning I was up at 3:30am. Now as I sit here typing I have drank a ton of cranberry juice and have taken 4 Excedrin. This is not going to be a good day. Boy I hope tonight is better. On a much better note I had a GREAT Mother's Day. This year the kids took over and it turn out wonderful. They made me breakfast, scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuits, and chocolate milk. Yummy!! Then they gave me two very sweet cards and a large bouquet of flowers. At Church we had a cute Primary Program with all the little ones singing songs. Then we had a Mother's Day Brunch. Great food and very sweet program. That evening we met up with my family and had pictures taken for my parent's 40 Wedding Anniversary which will be next Sunday. It is the first family group photo that we have ever taken professionally. I will post pictures later. It was great fun.

What I accomplished...
Like I said I have not done much in the last few day but I did get a bunch done last week. I finished my Birdie Stitches for May. I love these, they are so sweet!

I have added three snap bags to my Quilted Fabric Basket Swap. They are so cute. I will definitely be making more!

I have made my block for Let's Bee Together swap. I made a block for Mollie using the fabric she sent me. It was fun trying to make her fabric stretch into a block. I had to add some white, but luckily I had some of the exact white she sent. Now that I look at it like this I wish I had placed the green/purple rectangles so that the green aimed in different directions. Oh well.

Sewing thought...
Did you go check out Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour? Well I did and I won a copy the very first day. I just received it yesterday. I love it. So many great blocks. I can't wait to try some out.
How many quilty magazines to you buy in a month? I try not to buy any because the internet has such a huge assortment of blocks and free patterns. But I love magazines. For me there is just something about sitting down with a great drink and flipping the pages. I also love the fact that if I decide to use something in the magazine I have a hard copy already. No going to the computer, wasting ink, and then having to store the pages. (Even though I love that too!)
Goals for the Day...
For the most part I have no quilty goals. I just am going to take it easy and see if I can't get well. If I feel up to it I would like to work on my Block Swap Adventure block.
Have a great day!!


  1. Sorry you're not feeling well. I know what it's like to have rough nights and be up so early. It would be ok I guess if it was productive time but it's usually not. Hope you get to feeling better. Your bags are so cute and those birdie stitches are adorable!

  2. UTI's are no fun. I sure hope your the meds start working soon and the your migraine disappears. You birdie stitches block is beautiful - love the colors. The snap bags are perfect and a great addition for the fabric basket swap. Your block for Mollie turned out great. I had a hard time making the fabric stretch too. Congrats on winning the 100 Blocks.

  3. Hope you feel better - best to be relaxing as you can. Congratulations on the book win. The snap bags with the basket are great - what a happy set you made.

  4. Sorry to hear that you are feeling poor. Hope you feel better soon. You have accomplished some amazing things. Your work looks great! Congrats on a fun win too.

  5. Hope you are felling better. Congratulations on winning the book. I look foward to seeing what blocks you make.