Monday, January 17, 2011

One Thing One Week Challenge

Well here I am trying again. I want to make the Modern Valentine Table Runner by A Quilting Life. I have a coffee table that needs some love. LOL! I will have until Monday next week to finish it. I have some pink fabric that I can use. It is nothing special but I like it.

So I love posts with pictures here are a few. My daughters and I went to a local quilt show. It was our first show. I LOVED IT!! My daughter that quilts had a great time and the one that does not quilt said she wanted to start quilting. LOL! I had to laugh, you see she hates going into JoAnn's. Here are a few quilts we saw. I will so more pictures later.
I took a close up picture.
This quilt was made over 150 years ago. my daughters and I counted the yo-yo's. There was 3,120. There is no backing, just the yo-yo's. It was fun to look at all the different fabrics. I loved it!!

This second one was crossstitched. It is a family tree.


  1. Aren't kids funny. My daughter didn't show any interest until she was home with her 1st child. Now friends 'expect' a baby quilt for showers. She raids my stash all the time and is learning to scrap quilt - but loves the fabric shopping, too. Your outing sounded like a good time.

  2. Hi Shannon,
    My 14 yold daughter has no interest in sewing ( I hope that changes someday), she also hates going to Joannes with me LOL.
    Funny enough my 8 yold son does like sewing.He loves to help me pick out fabrics and like to give me ideas in fabric placing. He made a nice patchwork pillow for his cousin.
    He really enjoys sewing.I hope that dosen't change with time :)
    Kids got to love them LOL
    Happy sewing,