Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sew Scraps Along

Well I have not had good luck finishing all the Quilt Alongs that I have joined. I love to start them, cut the material, get started then I move on to the next one. LOL! I have heard it called QADD, Quilters Attention Deficit Disorder. That is what I have. In my defense I may not have finished the quilt alongs but I have had finishes, so I am working on something. I am going to try to follow along with this one.

Jump over and give her post a read. You might find yourself joining also.

I am OFFICIALLY on a fabric buying ban! Maybe with me noting it here I will stay to it. I can not start any new project unless I already have all of the materiel, including the backing and binding. I can only buy new materiel if after searching in my stash I can not make anything work. HELP ME! LOL! I really need to finish the old and not start any new. I have won some fabric so that will help!! I was one of the winners on the Fall-O-Ween Blog Hop. Go check it out. So cool!

Then today I found out that I was a winner on one of the blogs that joined up with Fall into Fall give away. I won from Sabrina at Doodle Quilts. Go check her out, she is so wonderful.

I will post on Monday what I have worked on for the last two days. In classic Shannon Manner I waited until Thursday night to start on a baby quilt for my Sister-in-Law's sister's baby shower that was today. I worked on it a few hours on Thursday and last night. Then a few hours today. I was only 45 minutes later to the shower. I got it all done but the washing and drying. TTFN


  1. good luck on your fabric buying ban...I can never stick to mine

  2. bans are so hard to stick to. May you have LOTS of stash to keep you very busy.
    Best Wishes & Happy Quilting,

  3. Aw - I have QADD too! Best of luck on your "no buying" - so glad you won a bit to tide you over (smile)! I do find that I go back to those UFO's later - so don't feel bad - you'll get to them one day (smile)!

  4. Well Shannon you are in the best of company. I have it too. I call it adult onset quilter's add. I do actually think quilting GAVE it to me! I am doing the scrap giveaway tomorrow. Don't forget to comment for it. Hope you win.