Sunday, June 2, 2013

UFO's, Hexies, Schibbles, and Frustrating Machine Problems

A couple more UFO's to add to my list. I am hoping this is the end of them. Now I need to organize them and start knocking them out.
These two sweet pile below are bundles I pulled out of Traveling Stash boxes a while ago. 

The first one is a collection of 30's Applecore pieces. I have a thing for 30's fabric and I have never done curved piecing so this really appealed to me. I love rainbows also!

The next one is a stack of Hawaiian prints. The are so cool. I need to take them apart and look through them. I think it would make a fun summer quilt. I'm thinking it could be an I Spy Quilt. Below are some pictures of a few of the prints. 

My daughter that is in college wanted to have a hand project that was small that she could do between massive amounts of homework. She has been watching me make Hexies for over two years. So I set her up with a kit. S loves them. So now we are trading Hexies. She has requested bright petals with yellow centers. These are the ones I sent her. She loved them.

 I am going to stay with my same requested red/orange/yellow petals with a lighter matching center. These are the ones she made me. They will fit right into the garden I am already making. Thank you dear!

I was able to finish my May Schnibble, Gentle Art. It is Prayer Flag by April Cornell for Moda. I love it. I also have a Jelly Roll of this fabric. Below are a few pictures of this quilt as it traveled to a finished top.

I will be listing out my Le Petite and Another Year of Schnibbles projects on a page at the top beside my UFO page. I have a only one project that is quilted and bound. The rest are still tops so these are going to be a part of my UFO's but there are so many they are getting their own page, LOL!! 

This Sunday is the beginning of the link up for our H2H quilts. My second quilt is now getting quilted but my walking foot is acting funny. I bought a new one but it has the same catch in it in the same place so I am not sure if a new foot is going to fix the problem. 

The problem is the bobbin thread is not a nice tight stitch. I am able to pick out a few stitches and just pull a whole long piece of it out of the top stitches. I have adjusted the pressure on the top and bottom thread. I thought maybe it was my thread so I switched top and bottom thread. No help. I then put in a new needle. Did not help. So then I tore my machine apart and cleaned it really good. Look at all that lint!! But still no "worky". I walked away and have not looked at it all weekend. I will play with it tomorrow and hopefully I can get it to work. Now time to work on my Monday Maniac post. It will have all of my UFO's broken down and organized. I hope that tis will help me to keep going. And get a few things done!!



  1. Love the apple core fabrics. I've never tried that before.

  2. I need to take a picture of my happy chemo quilt so I can link up.