Friday, June 14, 2013

A Finish, Shop Hop Goodies, and a Quilt Show

I got this table topper finished. I had to sew the binding on by machine because with no batting the needle had no place to go. It worked out great. This is the first time I used bias binding. I had no troubles. A quick little tutorial on how to make it then bind on the inside curve and BAM! I had a finished project. I love it. It is now washed and being loved!!

At the end of April we had a Shop Hop in my area. These are the goodies I bought. 19 fat quarters, 15 of which are 30's fabric!! LOVE IT!! Four of black and white by Me and My Sister, two are not pictured. 1 charm pack of Ticklish by Me and My Sister, plus a yard cut from the same line. A yard of some really cute bird fabric that I though matched really well. Then one yard of black with colored spots. Last a very cute Halloween wall hanging. I love looking at this pile!!

 Today my non-quilty daughter and I went to a local quilt show. We had a great time. She loves looking at them but does not want to sew one, ha ha, I will break her!! Here are a few beauties. Some old and some new. 



  1. What a lovely stash of new fabric! I know what it feels like just to look at them and rearrange the pile for the photo! :-)
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  2. Great additions to your stash! Love the table topper - I had that pattern bookmarked but lost it - do you have it to pass on?

  3. My, I really adore you guys! It’s really nice to hear that mother and daughter have the same interests, specifically the world of quilting. Like mother, like daughter they say. It simply proves that quilting is in their blood. Well, keep it up guys. It perfect for bonding time. Ciao!

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