Saturday, June 8, 2013

H2H Quilts Done

 This is my third year of participating in this Challenge. I love being able to help out other with a hug in the form of a quilt.When I started quilting I new I would make more blankets then my families needs so I new I had to find was to give them away. This group is perfect. It is so cool to me to think that of the six quilts I have donated through this challenge three of them are going to cancer patients, and three of them are going to children! It makes me feel so good. I hope that who ever gets them will love them. I start this years challenge with quilt tops that I had already made. The first one is from Happy Quilting Quilt Along back in 2011.

 This is the beginning block. Then a few cuts, some added bits, and resewing I ended with my top. 
Here is the top all quilted and waiting for the binding.
Here it is all finished. I love it. So cheerful!

The next quilt is from 2010. It is as
also another quilt along. It is my first pieced quilt top. it is from Amy's Creative Side Simple Sample Quilt Along. It is so funny because her last post talks about getting her sampler finished. Go read about it here.

Here are a couple of the blocks.
 Here is all the quilting done and now it is waiting it's turn for binding.
 Here it is all finished. Thank you to DD#2 for being the quilt holder, LOL!! 
(I got most of the stains out but if you look in the center of the red and white you will see a little pink in there.)

Thank you Sarah for your help and your willingness to organize this for everybody!!



  1. Congratulations on finishing your H2H - and glad you were able to 're-pair' the damage. It will be well loved.

  2. Yeah. You got the bleeding out.

  3. Love the H2H quilt. The blocks look good too!

  4. I love the colours you have chosen for the H2H, they are great for the Spring.

  5. Shannon, these are both so great (I particularly love your bright and cheerful sampler quilt!) Thank you so much for participating in the challenge again this year!!