Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Introduction to a few more UFO's

I want to keep an accurate record of my UFO's. I have a ton. Like so many others I'm sure. I have been going through my piles and have found several that I need to add to my list. Some of them need lots of work. Some only a little work. Some are going to be torn apart and added back to my scraps and some are just tops needing to be quilted. I am going to make a system in my room of what project goes into a box or drawer with other projects that are at a similar state of "doneness". Ha Ha new word!!

Welcome to the UFO pile of projects!! All of these projects are from my LQS's Saturday Sampler. 

Black and White Garden

Hearts and Flowers

A Year of Paper-Piecing

 Vintage Redwork

Kaleidoscope Paper-Pieced

So there is my list to add to my growing list of UFO's. Summer is finally here. I have no little guy to need me so I can sew as long as I want. Thank you for stopping by.



  1. I like the black and white garden. Good luck finishing it up!

  2. All lovely and I am sure you will enjoy finishing them this summer.

  3. Good luck. That is a whole lot of blocks to put together.