Sunday, July 8, 2012

Traveling Stash Winner!

Well it is time to announce the winner of the Traveling Stash! I did not have very many people sign up. I did get two new followers though. Thank you for following me. I love that.
 Sorry for the blurry picture, as you can tell the sun is shining outside behind me. 
Thank you Kristy for hopping over and for becoming a new follower. Stop by her blog sometimes!! Kristy I will get it ready and get it out to you soon. 

Now for a warning! Be very careful when clipping your pets nails. I clipped at the same time he move, just about cut the tip of is toe off. He bleed and bleed. We got it stopped but each time he started to play it would start up again. I bandaged it twice. Finally I made him a sock out of a washrag. I am worried about tonight that he will cause it to bleed while we are sleeping. I don't want to take him to a vet to cauterize it. It would hurt but it would cost way to much. We will see how tonight goes.


  1. Oh, poor puppy. You should get those 'closed' clippers where it only allows you to fit just so much nail in the clip.

  2. There is a product that stops bleeding that you can get at a pet store -- I do not remember the name but my mother always had it on hand.

  3. Aww Poor Baby. Did his toe stop bleeding overnight? Yeah, I always hate trimming their nails - just waiting for this to happen to me!

  4. What a cutie. One of my dogs is a chiweenie. My daughter is about to adopt a dachshund puppy. They are cute dogs.

  5. Ouch! Poor baby. I bet you felt as bad as he did.