Monday, July 9, 2012

Maniac Monday

With this last week filled with 4th of July stuff I did not get much done. I did iron all the pieces down on my Hello 
Sun QA for all 4 months that I am behind. I am mostly done sewing down July's Count On It wall hanging. I will be working hard to catch up this week. Here is my list:

Ongoing Projects
Block Swap Adventure X 1

Parma Quilter's Anonymous
PQA Block Swap x 1
Count Your Blessings
Double Delight Mystery Quilt
Hope House Blocks X 9

Saturday Sampler
Paper Pieced (All)
Stitching Month by Month - May, June, and July

Designer Mystery BOM 2012~July

Schnibbles - April, May, and July
Count On It - July and August
Hello Sun QA - April, May, June, and July-Pieces ironed.

New Projects
Hope House Quilts X 2
Designer Mystery BOM 2011

Quilts for Kids x2


Two Quilts for my Sister-in-law

My doggie is fine! He slept fine. He only bothered it a little. But remember the blue tape around his ankle. It cut the circulation off to his foot. It was swollen when I took it off. Within a few hours it was back to normal size and he is walking on it like nothing is wrong. It has not started bleeding again. We are past the scary part. Now I hope that he does not get an infection. I will be finding a different way to trim his nails. I will not do that again!


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