Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Heavens and Flowers + 1 Star

DH works as a big farm equipment mechanic. This time of year they are cutting and baling hay almost nonstop. A few nights ago I went out with him when a baler broke a chain in a field. This is a picture I took of the setting sun. I LOVE IT!!

This first set of flowers are for my July partner in The Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap. She asked for dark centers with modern coordinating petals. I hope these works for her.

These two flowers are for our fearless leader. She sent me a set of flowers to replace a set that I did not get back in August of last year. I wanted to thank her for hehard work. I love both of them, they are so cute. I think my next hexie quilt will be a fussy cut quilt!

Then I received a set of flowers from someone who was not my partner. I feel so bad that even after she sent mine she will need to make another set for her real partner. I am sending these ones for her. I hope she likes them. 

Then a star...I received this from my July partner for Block Swap Adventure. It is so pretty! I love it. I say that a lot but each one is so wonderful!! 

hope that your evening is a good one!!


  1. Love those fussy cut hexies and that is sure a pretty star. But I really love that sunset. Beautiful shot!!

  2. Your flowers are spectacular :-) Such beautiful work. Thanks for sharing that lovely photo :-)

  3. Like the aqua and red combo.