Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Maniac Monday on Tuesday

Well it is past Monday but that is ok. I have a a busy week. My DD#1 and 2 got om from their trip and we had a lot of catching up to do. They had a great time and had many adventures. But they brought back a camera that is broken. Darn!! Now I am going to keep taking bad pictures with my phone until I can get a new phone (looking at an iPhone with a great camera) or a new camera. Not sure yet. 

I did get a few things done. Here are my Count on It calendar blocks for May and June. Need to get on July's block. July is just around the corner. 

We all have things that slip through our minds. This block for my May partner for Block Swap Adventure slipped mine. I did have it in my mind but it slipped my mind to actual do it. We it is done now. She asked for brown, gold, orange and sage. She was asking for a southwestern style block. I hope this fits what she is looking for. I can see a whole quilt made with this block. I found it at this website. 

As I was reading through my last post I realized I had posted these following pictures without writing about them. I am sure most of you figured it out, LOL! Here is my last Designer Mystery BOM 2011. Love this fabric!!
Here is the stack of left over fabric. I can't believe how much I have left. The stack is the same as last years stack of left overs.

This is the first block of 2012. I am so excited to work with this fabric. So pretty.

Here is my list:

Ongoing Projects
Block Swap Adventure X1~Done

Parma Quilter's Anonymous
PQA Block Swap x1
Count Your Blessings
Double Delight Mystery Quilt

Saturday Sampler
Paper Pieced (All)
Stitching Month by Month (May and June)

Designer Mystery BOM 2012~Done
Blogger BOM~Moving to Back Burner

Schnibbles-April, May, and June
Count On It-May~Done, June~Done, and July
Hello Sun QA-April, May, and June

New Projects

Quilts for Kids x2


Two Quilts for my Sister-in-law


  1. Lot's of fun stuff going on Shannon! Love the photo with the scissors - way cool. And congrats, see you won a Stash Box.

  2. those blocks are beautiful!

  3. Don't you love having several projects to work with so you don't die of boredom working on just one? You have some really fun things going there, and I particularly like the swap block you did up!

  4. Great photos. You have been busy and your work is excellent. I finished my Designer Mystery Blocks, but don't know when I'll get back to the finishing kit.

  5. You have so many adorable blocks. Particularly love the last 2.