Friday, June 1, 2012

H2H Quilts Finished

I am so excited. My quilts are done. They are bot for lovely. Everything else has been put on hold until I finished them. Now my life can get back on track. Just in time for the 1st of June and the beginning of summer vacation. I will not have the baby for three more months so I better take advantage of this free time and quilt like a crazy woman, LOL!

 This quilt is was fun. I quilted it with black thread. Th back is just plan black. Th binding is black with colored dots. I like the spotty them. So fun for a child!
I have had so many people tell me that would love to have this quilt. Me too. 
Here is the back. I love the back also!

Like I said I can get back on track. I have passed my 200 blog post mark so it is time for a give away. I have some stuff set aside so I will take some pictures and come back with the give away. Cool beans and my hubby likes to say, LOL!!



  1. Nicely done! Yes, time for you to enjoy and have some fun.

  2. Ha Ha! I say cool beans too! My sister even gave me a birthday card with that written in it! Love the aqua quilt, esp the back! COngrats on 200!

  3. Your quilts are beautiful!!! Great work and thanks so much for participating in H2H this year!! One question - are your quilts for Happy Chemo or The NOLA Project?