Sunday, October 30, 2011

Maniac Monday for the 24th a Bust!

I should have had Maniac Monday on the 24th but never did. I love not having a "set in stone, lose your job, kinda deadline" for blogging. Most deadlines are self-imposed. So off the hook I let myself for last Monday. Back to it for tomorrow. In the spirit of being honest I was dragging my feet on my Le Petite pattern Mon Ami so I got nothing done! LOL! Well now that the end of the month is here and I no longer have to worry about the Le Petite goal I feel free to get back at what I want to do. I know that seems silly but that is how I feel. I have a few blocks for swaps to finish to be caught up.

I did get a few things finished.

A wall hanging for my sister-in-law for her new baby's room. The new little guy will be here in December. I just need to get the binding on and a hanger. She loves it!

A cute wall hanging/mug rug for a friend. I used this pattern from Artisania. Linda at Stray Stitches made one and I loved it.

Well I will be back tomorrow to be on track. I hope everybody has a great Sunday.



  1. Hey - its' your blog do it your way. I just love that pumkin mini - I see you are getting more adventurous in your FMQ - super.

  2. This is the cutest pieced pumpkin!! LUV the colors!


  3. love both of these...well done...they are just so happy...

  4. Both are awesome! I'm with you, don't like those deadlines. I was so happy to finish my bee block early in October so no worries...til November. Uh oh, that's tomorrow!

  5. They are both so cute, love the colors!